arrogant bill

US Government overpaid the WHO

The story keeps getting worse.  ZeroHedge reports from a Forbes article that $3.5 Billion Dollars was spent funding the World Health Organization meanwhile virus vaccine advocate ready to cash in- Bill Gates chimes in and says that the WHO should not be defunded.

How much more money does Bill Gates need to make?

Bill Gates Shills for the WHO

Microsoft screwed consumers by monopolizing the world and wiping out numerous American companies in the 1980’s then later when it was sued over the Netscape browser mess over years ago, and recently got a large DOD US Government contract- oh- the irony and short memory.  Microsoft’s horrible abortion of an operating system Windows 10 has plagued the world with it’s inept interface, bloatware and repackaged crap that consumers are forced to use as the market has limited commercial products that are viable other than Apple.  Most consumers won’t use Linux.

Let’s Not Forget WHO that Bill Gates is.

This high IQ and slimy manipulative and predatory businessman is a piece of work.  Listen to this bullshit.  The biggest shill for the World Health Organization wants you the taxpayer to continue to fund his pet projects instead of his own foundation and tax write of the billions he has at his fingertips.  If Bill Gates believes in the WHO, let him fund it privately 100% and send these Doctors around the world in the expensive seats in commercial aircraft.

Meanwhile this arrogant POS want’s to vaccinate your children.

Watch him in this deposition so you really know more about this guy.