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WHO Continues with Business as usual.  Pandemic IS Not Declared.  Yet.

Updated March 9. 2020.

The entire year has been a mess and is getting worse.  The Chinese who spread this disease are complicit with the WHO hiding the truth.  Delaying a Pandemic.  Numerous Doctors around the world have declared it a Pandemic.  But the WHO continues to kick the can down the road now and has not called this a Pandemic, yet over 100 Countries are afflicted in a matter of, entire economies are being shut down in ONLY 2 weeks since we called them out, and this outrageous.

—Original article February 24, 2020.

Watch they will do so in another week or more.   The politicized World Health Organization a pure Political organization- NOT a Health Organization will continue to delay calling this a Pandemic and now the disease has spread to 4 more Countries including Italy where they have quarantined off a section.  The WHO just like any bureaucracy whose “Decision by committee” way of doing things usually leads to failure.  This WHO and @drcedros has failed us all.  Sitting in their safe and secure location in Geneva, they will not travel to see the problem first hand in China.  Like they should.  They will continue to pretend they actually care about what happens.  The WHO has done this “Cautious Optimism” crap since January when we wrote about the one week delay– for fear of offending China.   This is complete Bullshit.

Listen to this dancing around the issue in the over extended address today February 24, 2020.

Italy is in lockdown to isolate the coronavirus spread.

Unlike the WHO, Italy like other smart developed nations is taking proactive action, and not reactive action.

February 24th, 2020 South Korea and Italy- Medical Update

Dr. John Campbell Calls out WHO

and their failure to call this a pandemic and their non-proactive stance.  As Dr. Campbell says is that the situation is not being handled correctly by the World Health Organization.

Dr. Campbell on how to protect yourself from Corona Virus, COVID-19 February 2020.  Updated.

Excellent video and practical guide on how to prevent spreading or being infected from any disease.  Simple measures of isolation, to avoid close contact including hand shaking and close personal contact.

Change your social behavior.  Wash your hands frequently.  Get sleep per Medcram’s video.