Boeing 737 Max Orders Paris Airshow

Monday Morning Sales Score: Boeing 0, Airbus 123

On day one of the show, Boeing did not announce a single new order for any of its airplanes, while Airbus recorded orders and options for 123 planes, according to the aviation consulting firm IBA.iQ.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg admitted to CNBC that this air show would not be about orders, but instead be an opportunity for his company to reassure customers and suppliers that Boeing is making progress getting the grounded 737 Max back in the air.”- CNBC

cnbc. com/2019/06/17/boeing-records-zero-new-plane-orders-as-paris-air-show-starts-slow.html

Then this today (Better News)- updated:

“IAG says it plans to buy 200 737 Max planes, orders for which halted after the planes were grounded in March following two fatal crashes.”- “International Consolidated Airlines Group, or IAG, signed a letter of intent at the Paris Air Show to order 200 Boeing 737 Max planes. Boeing won’t post the planes on its monthly order tally until the agreement is finalized.

Aviation authorities grounded the Boeing 737 Max worldwide after two crashes within five months killed a total of 346 people. Boeing and airlines are awaiting approval from regulators to resume flights with the jets, but officials have said they have no firm timeline so far.” CNBC

cnbc. com/2019/06/18/british-airways-parent-places-first-new-order-for-boeing-737-max-since-grounding.html

The Boeing Max 737 debacle is a PR nightmare.

What is going on with Boeing Management?  The American success story that changed how the world travels.  Boeing shows up to do an apology tour like Hillary?   The purpose of attending the Paris Air Show is to sell aircraft, but they go to the Paris Air Show to do damage control?  What about sales?  This huge company whose innovations were the hallmark of US Aviation in both Civil Aircraft and Military. The Boeing (BA) stock price has tripled since 2016, with the overall bull market craziness in spite of the crashes.   The rush to profit versus competition and safety is an issue.  Moron millennials journalists Andy Pasztor and Andrew Tangel working for WSJ wrote this dumb article (Calling the “Elevator” a “Panel”- lol- ) what ignorance of the uninformed reporter who writes:

“Turning the crank moves a horizontal panel on the tail, which can help change the angle of the plane’s nose.” wsj. com/articles/physical-strength-of-pilots-emerges-as-issue-in-returning-737-max-to-flight-11560937879)

Read that weak, phrase again- “which can help change the angle of the plane’s nose” like huh????  This writer didn’t bother to learn anything about Aviation, flying, terminology of an aircraft and even realize that the only way to change the angle of the attack is with the ELEVATOR!!!!, what a stupid moron journalist.  Sure the flaps can slow the plane down, but the ELEVATOR which is mounted on the Horizontal Stabilizer and pivots up and down to compensate while flying is the only other control surface that controls the nose position and stall.  All the software patches created by a bunch of programmers cannot fix physics.  This is crazy that Boeing put those engines on just to get an order and that the cheapo foreign Airlines want to hire monkeys to fly them.  The Airlines hiring less than competent pilots with real skills to fly them- is only going to get worse, unless the public demands better, and it’s a string of errors.

Here are some quotes from AviationCV, a buried article that Google does not rank of course because the Wall Street Journal is supposedly some “Authority”, this is the reason that the public who want the real story need to dig deeper than what Google indexes, go past the phony websites or biased and really learn.  A has done a great article that explain it all- all in read are direct quotes from the article:

When certifying the MAX, safety was not a top priority. Time was. Airbus was miles ahead on the A320neo and Boeing were desperate to catch up. FAA’s managers seemed like they also understood that time was a number one priority and would not review documents thoroughly.

And proof that time was a number one priority is that the FAA approved MCAS in the first place.

Airbus definitely complicated things for Boeing. They had to improvise quickly.

So, they did. To improve the fuel efficiency of their new jet, they not only introduced new winglets but Boeing also introduced new engines on the 737.

The CFM Leap-1B promised to be more efficient than the older CFM56-7B, which was on the 737NG. And indeed it is more efficient. However, it is also much bigger. It weighs more and it is bigger in size.

“Because of its bigger size, Boeing had to change the mounting point of the engine. In short, they put them further forward and much higher on the wings. But the different mounting point made the Boeing 737 MAX prone to a stall. The engine positions on the wings forced the nose of the aircraft to go up.” –

Boeing noted to the FAA that MCAS is limited to adjust the stabilizer by 0.6 degrees. However, after the Lion Air crash, Boeing distributed a manual on MCAS. The manual said that Boeing limited the adjustments of MCAS to 2.5 degrees.

So the pilots of the Lion Air Flight JT610 were essentially constantly fighting against the system to maintain proper airspeed and altitude. Unfortunately, as MCAS triggered 21 times, they could not keep up. As a result, they plunged into the sea with no survivors.

Yet this is not the end. The Boeing 737 MAX has 2 AoA sensors in the front of the aircraft, just below the pilot‘s windows. Even though it has 2, MCAS somehow relies on one sensor to determine the Angle Of Attack.

But if one of them fails and that sensor is the one which MCAS relies on, you‘re essentially doomed. It does not compare the readings to the other sensor. On the Lion Air Flight, the FDR showcased that the two AoA sensors showed a difference of 20 degrees.

aviationcv. com/aviation-blog/2019/shocking-facts-boeing-737max-crash

Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS)

The MCAS is a fancy name for a software patch to overcompensate for a design flaw or design error or design fuck up, whatever your choice of words.  Aircraft are not supposed to take off and stall because of the CG (Center of Gravity) is off to begin with, they are balanced and should have the ability to be flown manually by competent pilots- not software.  As we move towards more AI, and automation these sorts of errors are only going to accumulate.  Self Driving cars already are showing the “Lie of Technology” rearing it’s ugly head.  Soon Robots in Factories taking over everywhere for humans.  Great.

theaircurrent. com/aviation-safety/what-is-the-boeing-737-max-maneuvering-characteristics-augmentation-system-mcas-jt610/

Boeing’s addition of the new engine, it’s physical placement and CG are really the root cause.  The AOA and software compensation MCAS system, are quite strange.  You incorrectly balance an aircraft, then compensate for that physical limitation with over compensation of the elevator controls?  Unbelievable.   This is the generation of ” Ah, we will just fix it in software”.

In hindsight, Poor Richards believes that Boeing and McDonnell Douglas should never have outsourced various specialized processes that whose roots were in the Apollo Space program in advanced materials technology.   Their fabrication secrets were not guarded and allowed Airbus to be formed, out of the spoils of American innovation.  Just like other Globalist elite ideology has devastated the manufacturing sector for American workers.  Advanced Composites fabrication was taught to competitors outside the USA so they could buy Jets and become local subcontractors, that this was especially a big mistake with China, coming in and being trained in all the specialized materials, processes and technologies at least within McDonnell Douglas. This merger that occurred in 1996, was ANOTHER Clinton administration disaster against American Workers.  Fuck the Clintons.  How many times, do we need to be reminded of how they sold out America.  COSCO the Chinese Overseas Shipping Company which was given the Long Beach, California concession for importing Chinese crap into the USA in containers by the 1000’s to feed the insatiable appetite for cheap stuff by consumers which we wrote about before, NAFTA and the Auto workers and Industry knows well.

Next time you fly, just remember as time goes on and people rely more and more on software, real physics will never change.  You don’t argue with gravity.  The public needs to demand better of the FAA, the Aircraft Manufacturers, and most of all the Airlines staffing requirements for trained skilled pilots, preferably ex-military pilots as has been the tradition.  Here again, like cheap chinese junk that falls apart won’t kill you (unless it’s a power supply fire, non UL approved garbage)- but hiring cheap labor without necessary training to fly computerized aircraft without software assistance- is not encouraging.  

We want want Boeing to succeed.  Boeing Innovates and employs 1000’s of skilled workers and is one of the last true large manufacturing industries left in the USA.  They have 1000’s of sub contractors and feed a million people with their industry.