to the victor go the myths and monuments

Information Hidden.  Excluded from Textbooks.

Don’t read any further if you simply believe in George Washington and Declaration of Independence are all you need to know about America.  North America. You have to be an open minded conservative- or.. liberal (which I doubt Liberal Left Wing people actually read Poor Richards News)

It’s interesting to listen to these intellectual people who study and lecture, and really dig into the controversial side of History.

History has always been skewed.  What group, race, tribe or person that died in some Holy War could tell their side of the story?

Arthur Thompson’s book- “To the Victor, Go the Myths and Monuments”

This one hour lecture by Arthur Thompson lays out verbally and with graphics key people that you never heard of before.  Sure, quite a few that shaped history you learned about- but also some little known Europeans that shaped the history of the USA.

Names you have most likely never heard of in our skewed History books.

After all, in keeping a young child obedient, quiet and a patriot- you need to propagandize them early.

Only after many years after school, do you learn the world actually works.  This lecture with over 2 million views is well worth your time to watch.

Then go and google research the people as Arthur suggests throughout his lecture, the idea is a wake up call.  To know the truth of the system and it’s founding.  It isn’t a conspiracy theory, it simply how the world worked.   It really applies to what is happening today even though this lecture was given before Donald Trump was elected.