Google Enemy Robert Epstein

Googles Biased Search Results Could End Trump’s November 2020 Reelection

Yes, that is a real concern and it should concern you enough to contact your Congress person about it.  This past week nearly all the US States have opened up inquiries into Big Tech which clearly needs to be dismantled in smaller pieces- that includes Google most of all.   What is really going on behind the scenes with data manipulation and AI, and slanting search results for the Democratic Candidates?  Google mourned the loss the Hillary Clinton we posted a leaked video of the “Day after” her loss earlier in this opinion blog.

Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist for the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, has been studying Google’s liberal bias, and Dr. Epstein is even a Liberal himself.   There are quite a number of interviews available on Youtube, and his published work so you can see for yourself.

Poor Richard says that the point it, all supporters of President Trump’s policies need to get the word out.  Register to vote.  Speak to your indecisive friends, talk to those who are apathetic, those who are “the middle of the road”, the undecided the moderate Democrats to Vote.  Have friendly conversations with your neighbors.

Let’s bring back civility by leading by example as a peaceful, thoughtful conservative person.  Let’s make Fake News CNN and MSNBC accountable for their bias and fake propaganda and pushing the Russian hoax.

Don’t waste your time on idiots.  You can’t convince AOC supporters or Antifa Terrorists as they are complete morons.

Even if you do not like President Trump for his blunt, in-your-face style and name calling, you have to like what the Man stands for as an American.  Ignore the public Twitter comments that Trump makes, some of which are really embarrassing and see past that and his love for the USA.

The Trump platform is back to the roots of America.  Important issues that he ran on like protecting the US Sovereignty (NO open Borders), the economic rebirth of manufacturing Jobs in the USA, and better foreign policy decisions that favor the USA, not the Globalist agenda regardless.  His tariffs on China are a short term problem, with long term impacts should the trade imbalance with China be reduced- and the same with the EU.

“…given the power of search rankings to shift votes and opinions without people’s awareness they are a matter for concern.”- Dr.Robert Epstein, 2017 White paper on Big Tech Algorithmic bias.

Here is a discussion from an interview of Dr. Robert Epstein with American Thought Leaders about his 6+ years of studying behavior and shifting peoples behavior based on search engine results.

“We have found that between May and November 2016, search results displayed in response to a wide range of election related search terms were, on average, biased in Mrs. Clinton’ favor” – Dr. Robert Epstein White Paper June 1, 2017.


We can only hope that critical thinking will be of majority of voters to reelection President Trump to another 4 years so that he can continue his agenda. It’s also important to vote out senile Nancy Pelosi, and bring in a new speaker of the house that isn’t RINO Paul Ryan– the man responsible for much of the deep state bullshit occurring these first couple of years.

Mark Levin interviewed Dr. Robert Epstein on his show, yet failed to give the URL out for the paper he was speaking about, however here is one that loaded with data:  Pardon us for not having a direct link, but outbound links cause problems with any ranking this website gets.  Here is the PDF of the White paper to download Dr. Epsteins Report. EPSTEIN_&_ROBERTSON_2017-A_Method_for_Detecting_Bias_in_Search_Rankings-AIBRT_WP-17-02_6-1-17

Or if you want to go direct, remove the spaces below in the complete URL for AIBRT(.)org

aibrt. org/downloads/EPSTEIN_&_ROBERTSON_2017-A_Method_for_Detecting_Bias_in_Search_Rankings-AIBRT_WP-17-02_6-1-17.pdf