Update May 1st, 2020:  Peak Prosperity Chris Martenson goes over the Newsweek article.

As we wrote about Dr. Fauci before Chris covers a lot of ground in an easy to understand commentary on “Gain of Function” “In-Vitro” versus “In vivo” and the newsweek article we referenced earlier.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains it all.

April 22, 2020 This is an eyeopening video.  It has not gone viral yet.  Dr. Shiva goes into a lot of the details about the immune system, cytokine storm caused by covid-19 and the health system “INDUSTRY” and about the history of HIV and AIDS.

Bill Gates told the world years ago he wanted to put a computer on everybody’s desktop.  He sold billions of a prepetually crummy product his entire career- just ask anyone who started using DOS 2.1- through to latest garbage Windows 10.   Look at the deposition we posted when the US Government took him to court.  This was when few owned computers, now the entire world has them in their hands in the form of a smart phone.

Meanwhile now Bill Gates and his billions wants the entire world to buy his vaccine.

The US Covid-19 tests that magnify the RNA sequence is not a quantitative test, but a qualitative test.  Incentivizes hospitals to stretch the truth.

This interview exposes the entire broken and crooked system. Dr. Shiva ties related pieces of the Coronavirus puzzle together.  While the interview has quite a bit of technical and medical jargon complexities in it’s discussion just absorb the total explanation of how a career bureaucrat within the government establishment is now making decisions based on connections and influence- and big pharmaceuticals.  Hence why they want to have a vaccine to cash in.  The elite establishment and academia are club members that none of us are members of.

As we stated before the WHO is irresponsible in how they handled this pandemic.