coronavirus tucker carlson

Not surprising.  EU free travel is an example for the USA.

The time to act was weeks ago, now Europe has this Coronavirus.  The WHO continues to kick the can down the road. The WHO led by this moron Dr. Tedros has a “wait and see” bureaucratic response. The US needs to stop funding such stupid organizations that produce little if any results for the common person. Like NATO and the UN, the US Taxpayers who are the funders of these organizations and with the growth of populism- the question is- What need is their for more bureaucracy?.  China allowed in Dr. Aylward a Canadian into see what was going on in China.  But within the last hour Austria and Croatia have reported the virus has been spread to their countries.  Were these “Carnaval” goer’s returning home after Carnival that was cancelled in Italy?

Countries need to be taking this seriously worldwide and set aside economic considerations for those of protecting public health and their own citizens. Stupid open border policies are why these things happen.  Instant air travel anywhere is why this has spread without this, the virus pandemic could have been contained to China.

Countries who do not respect their own sovereignty or that of other nations should wake up.

Why should the USA not exit?  Why should the USA continue to fund inept bureaucrats?  Why not leave alone countries to deal with their own bills, financing and control and the USA should exit completely these obsolete globalist organizations. Period.

The USA should shutdown all air travel and cruises NOW from everywhere including Europe.  Those people running countries around the world should now prevent travel outside their countries until this is under control.  This is a Pandemic and it’s insane to listen to morons in the mainstream news with their “cautious optimism” bullshit and the incompetent World Health Organization’s failure to call this out as major issue- they refuse to call it a Pandemic, I suppose they will wait another week like they did last time before calling Coronavirus a PHEIC– the acronym: Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

Tucker Carlson explained what’s been going on but the video isn’t on youtube fully and complete.   Dr. Marc Siegel showed how lax the situation is while standing inside Dulles Airport with flights coming in from China and elsewhere and claims people are simply lying about where they have been.  There is no idea how many people are truly infected.  Fewer than 500 people have been tested for Coronavirus.

What a mess.