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Kyle Rittenhouse: Exclusive Tucker First Interview Since Acquittal

The Mainstream media is having a rage of jealousy and negative reaction (of course) to the fact that now finally after all the liars on MSNBC, CNN and even then Candidate Joe Biden have framed Kyle Rittenhouse as a White Supremacist.  Get the story directly from Kyle himself live or in an hour from now.  In the meantime, here is coverage from

The most striking and awful revelation is about the first Attorney’s did to Kyle, per what Kyle stated in his interview with Tucker Carlson tonight. It appears that Lin Wood, is bad news.  So is the other lawyer John Pierce.  Both of these lawyers should be called out and respond to these terrible accusations that they were only interested in the narrative they wanted to create- somehow that Kyle was part of a “Militia”, when in fact he wasn’t associated with any group.  Lin Wood and Pearce both should present their own explanations about the case to the public after being involved in the entire Election mess and holding rallies and fund raisers.  Abusing the good faith of a young man who is only 17 to stay in a dangerous jail is horrible.  What the hell happened to the money that people donated for his defense?  Was he given that money eventually, or did those first Attorneys take it from him?  

“Kenosha is my community”, “Let’s go help our community” (we offered to protect their businesses, they agreed)”

“I see spray paint everywhere, I saw a car business that was destroyed, I asked if they needed help,

The National Guard and Governor Tony Evers failed the community, I saw many other people with guns, When he threatened to kill me, I was shocked”,

Rosenbaum: “If I catch any of you, I will kill you”, “I am gonna cut your hearts out”

“I was hit by a rock” (prior to being hit with skateboard by Huber)

“I was hit in the back of the head by Mr. Huber”

“I was arrested at August 25th, without a criminal complaint (Antioch, the closest Police station since Kenosha police sprayed him with pepper spray, asked him to leave and go home”)

“I can’t even imagine what would have happened (if he didn’t defend himself), we wouldn’t be sitting here now”

“Lin Wood and John Pierce used me for a cause”

“They (Lin Wood and John Pierce) didn’t want to set me free for bail”

“They had over a million dollars (Fund raising for his defense), but they wanted to keep me in jail”

“He painted that narrative (Lin Wood- that I was in a militia).”

“This case has nothing to do with race, it had to do with self defense”

“I support peaceful demonstrating”

Mr. President if I could say one thing to you, is go back and look at the case, (regarding Joe Bidens accusations) it’s malice and defaming my character”

“He crossed states lines- false”

“It’s obvious self defense, it should not have been made a political case….  It’s just sickening”

“It was the right of self defense on trial”

“I went to an adult jail even though I was 17.  My attorney forgot to file paperwork and he didn’t know I was going to adult jail”

“I didn’t have running water, I didn’t have a shower until November (arrested in August) in my jail cell- (When he was able to) “I took a 3 hour shower, I was bleeding”

“I am hoping I can live a quiet stress free life and go to college”

“I don’t think I will be able to go out and get a job without harassment”

“We all know how the FBI works”

“How polarizing this has been, left or right”- Kyle Rittenhouse Comments to Tucker


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