Veterans Administration

Shulkin is hiding behind locked doors with a guard?

How can you run a huge organization the Veterans Administration like this?  How much money does he make?  7 Billion dollars in supervisors operate below him.  That’s a huge amount of overhead.  Why was he kept since the Obama failures in Health Care to take care of Veterans?   Are you a Veteran? Are you being cared for better this past year 2017, than previous years?  Speak up!

We honor our US Veterans. They should have the best health care available and immediate priority and in event of an emergency care at a private hospital. They deserve the upmost of the US Taxpayers attention. However, looking at the employment statistics, it’s apparent there are quite a few chiefs- but how many indians are there? The Medical Officer position itself is the 10th most filled position in all the US Government payroll.

According to Federal Pay, The Veterans Administration has multitudes of “Medical Officers” each making $330,000-$403,000 per year! The listing only shows 1000, and they all make that much money! This is a Government Job. Not private industry. Most private Doctors are lucky to make this sort of salary.

There are 32,000 people in the US Government with this title and the average salary level evidently is $220,000. Total overhead under this guy is enormous.

Here is the Job Description for Medical Officer, which has to have a Medical Doctor license:

“This occupation includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform professional and scientific work in one or more fields of medicine. Positions are classifiable to this occupation when the nature of duties and responsibilities is such that the degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy is a fundamental requirement. Most positions in this occupation require a current license to practice medicine and surgery in a State or territory of the United States or in the District of Columbia.”

Here are the other veterans administration jobs that pay much less: Nurse Medical Officer, Medical Support Assistance, Practical Nurse, Social Work, Nursing Assistant, Custodial Working, Miscellaneous Clerk And Assistant Pharmacist, Health Aid And Technician.

Here is a list of the top 100 paid US Government employees within the US Veterans Administration.

In private medical orthopedic surgeons make this amount of money. Radiologists and Cardiologists as well on average make this amount of money. Most all regular Doctors make much less.

So, working for the VA perhaps pays better. Most Private Doctors take all liability risks and need to have expensive malpractice insurance. Do the VA Medical Officers pay for such insurance? So, if Government Doctor Medical Officers do not pay for such private insurance, that sure is lopsided. No wonder there are so many Medical Officers in the Veterans Administration.

The other question is are they practicing surgeons, saving lives or simply supervisors and bureaucrats?

Besides that, under previous administrations just like Ross Perot predicted, Government Swamp dwellers would exceed manufacturing employees– it was reported in 2015, 21 million people work for Government versus only 12 million producing products and offering services in the private sector.  This became apparent in 1989, right when the chinese came over in the early 1990’s to buy up all surplus metal working machinery, rocket parts (yes, I witnessed this at General Dynamics, San Diego California Auction), aerospace tooling, etc.

Now that 21 million work for Federal, State and Local agencies, and many are unionized and cannot be fired or laid off or downsized like private industry- what happens when their voices are heard?  They vote for keeping their swamp jobs.   Certainly, not all are swampers, people who actually are all over the USA who are good hard working civilian employees doing work to maintain the Veterans Healthcare system run, those who work to maintain the crucial infrastructure, military equipment and aircraft, etc.   The ones in Washington, DC are the problem.   Upper management is over staffed.