who leader doctor tedros

We called out Dr. Tedros before most, a useless bureaucrat.

So Poor Richard called out the fraud Dr. Tedros before.  This call was made before anyone else on January 31st, 2020 when the WHO failed to take leadership to contain the Virus to China. Now look at the deplorable screwed up mess the World is in.  Thanks to the WHO, and whoever in China created this monster.

So, on Tucker’s show tonight, it was revealed that this Idiotcrat Tedros is part of a Marxist Leninist Political Party.  Unbelievable.   The past scandal of this Dr. Tedros included covering up a Cholera breakout in Ethiopia.  What a total POS, this person has to be removed- or is it that nobody wants his job?.

What the hell is @DrTedros doing operating the WHO?

HITF does such an idiot get this position?  Not only that, but WHO officials fly around the world to chit chat at US Taxpayer expense to the tune of $200 Million dollars.  The WHO spends more money on travel than on useful programs to contain disease.  Unbelievable.

Fast forward to 6:30 for complete details of corrupt Dr. Tedros, the clown running the WHO.

Defund WHO.  Bureaucratic Failure to the World.