trump press conference post United Nations 74th

Mainstream Media Story Missed

Of course,  Impeachment is all the MSM wants and the Democrats.  Excellent news that at least ONE of the European countries- committed to hosting US Military Service Men and Women in Poland- at their expense. Not the US Tax Payer expense like Germany, or name the Country around the world that expects the US Taxpayer to protect them, at the US taxpayer expense.  When are the other EU NATO (we wrote about this over a year ago) Countries going to pay 100% of their commitments?  Meanwhile Macron is over talking during the 74th United Nations pow wow to sell things to Iran, in effect against the embargos the US has lead the way on.

The President also mentioned he has made a proclamation for prohibiting both Venezuela and Iran’s regime leaders and their families from entering the USA (Why now only? why not sooner?)

These bilateral deals between the US and another Country make great sense, thanks to Donald Trump.  He is looking out for you the hard working tax payer.

The Troops to be stationed in Poland will be relocated from other locations around the world.  El Salvador’s new strong and tough President is signing on to straighten up Central America, and Asylum leaders.  President Obrador in Mexico is reported by Trump to have been assisting because the Democrats and all they care about is 2020 and not YOU the US taxpayer who elected Trump to put up the wall and control illegal aliens.

President Trump is working around all the obstruction in so many areas, and it’s too bad that even Fox misses these stories.  So we do.

This is great news about Poland paying 100% is at 12:10 on the video below.