trump rally november 1st, 2019 mississippi

President Trump Live Rally Today Friday November 1st, 2019

President Trump travels to Tupelo, Mississippi (The birthplace of Elvis Presley) to address the state in support of the Republican Governor race.  President Trump announced yesterday he will be relocating to Florida and leaving New York State- due to the hostile atmosphere that has been created since he was elected.  The continual harassment including a juvenile tweet from DiBlasio about “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.   New York taxes are forcing the tax payers to leave the city, meanwhile new tax consumers are welcomed daily with free stuff- so it’s going to look bleak, and btw, who will pay for it?   @AOC might have to go back to bartending when she is replaced, that is unless New Yorkers actually re-elect her.

@NYCMayor Di Blasio to Trump: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out or whatever”.

Wow, purely like something a kid in school would say.  And that goes to show you how some of the Nation has devolved into.

di blasio trump nyc

Beto Born Loser quits 2020 run, for now.

Maybe he will post more videos of getting his teeth cleaned, at the Doctor or other idiocy. Though he will continue to run his ignorant rants and mouths about confiscating your guns.  If you live in Texas, you might focus on voting out and losing this clown from public office and let him go back to the skatepark.

JP Morgan to leave NYC?

September 28th, 2019 Bloomberg reported that JP Morgan Chase announced they are considering leaving NYC.  The way the remote worker and internet works, many people could leave the city.  Di Blasio wants to get rid of cars and replace them with bikes and scooters, we wonder how well that will work in January when the city is iced out.  NYC isn’t the same as it was when Rudy Guiliani came in and cleaned up after Koch and the predecessors before him.   If you ever travelled to NYC prior to Rudy and after Rudy was elected it was quite a rapid transformation.

The Police are certainly not respected as they should be in NYC under current leadership.  NYC will continue to decline under the failed left leadership just as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Trump Rally Tonight Live Video Here: