Yep.  Walls are racist.

The MORON keeps tweeting on and on.  This is the latest a few minutes ago.  Classism?  WTF, there are classes in all societies, fortunately in the USA you can move from one to the other.  Or skip over middle class completely!   Try that in Latin America.  Try that anywhere else.

So, AOC is truly a socialist, everybody should have equal pay, equal benefits, equal housing, equal everything like the fallen Soviet Union once was.  Anyone that isn’t logical about classes based on income is simply an idiot.  The middle class built America.

The middle class of all races elected Donald Trump since they were tired of constantly being shit all over by the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and the rest of the Elite globalist class.  Macron was griping today about Brexit, he too is being hammered by the working class socialist system they have and wants to continue to pickpocket from the doomed UK.

Except AOC once she grabs her power, she like Bernie Sanders, will fly around on her private jet one day when she has stolen enough tax dollars and hid them, just give her a few years.  Or her future lobbying opportunities.

The Democratic party is currently in just 2 months in serious danger of falling into the abyss of political obscurity and all the Democrat wimps need to form a committe to oust her and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar– all radical anti American idiots.  Censure them all!

They do not deserve to serve or have any voice otherwise AOC will make Democrats all obsolete.

AOC She certainly is an open borders advocate.  She will intimidate and threaten logical democrats who in the past voted for, supported and understood the threat of illegal aliens.  Yes, ILLEGAL ALIENS.  The poltically INCORRECT TERM.  They are coming.  Sending in children into the detention centers where YOU the tax payer are forced to care and feed them about $375 a day!  Imagine having to pay your babysitter that sort of money everyday!   This is insanity.  Why let them in, close the border bus them back and that’s that.

Let’s hope that her and her crooked crony and the $875,000 illegal money transfers on her campaign ruin her.

Walls are white supremacist- AOC declares.

“Racism and bigotry of all forms is inextricably linked.  When you don’t address them as a system and attempt to pick them apart as though they are distinct and separable issues, eventually the thing that gets advanced is white supremacy + classism”- @AOC March 6, 2019, 12:04am EST.


walls are racist