Electoral College Graduation

Did AOC Graduate from the Electoral College?

Can you believe these questions people are asking Google right now?  Right now as of this recent idiocy, these twitter idiot people without any Political Science Education listen to this dumbass Congress person, and then actually ask Google for an answer.  Since Schools focus on Social Justice nonsense instead of American History, it’s obvious Houston, we have a problem.

So, the dumbocrats want to rewrite the rules, since they cannot win 2020 without it.  They the most embarrassing flock of sock puppets to ever run for President in the past 40 years.  You have a Fake Indian liar that was promoted for her fake heritage, not her real intelligence and actual character.  Warren seems to be charging ahead of the Pre-Alzheimers candidate Joe Biden who claims to have been Vice President during the Parkland shooting Cory Booker Spartacus, Bernie Sanders, Bill Diblasio, Kamala Harris added to the pile of morons- well there you have it.  Or let’s not forget Pete- Alfred E. Neumann

Let’s not forget, that Hillary Clinton couldn’t buy her way in to the Oval Office of the White House with the SteeleDossier.com and all the money from the phony Clinton Foundation, from Google manipulating the search results- or was it Russian bots?  Hillary and her apology book tour lasted forever.  So Barbara Boxer who used to be in Congress introduced legislation claiming that the Electoral College system is outdated, she immediately introduced legislation after President Trump was elected.  So when someone can’t win a game, they want to change the rules.  Par for the course with the Radical Democrats all over the place with free everything for legal residents or illegal aliens, student debt forgiveness and all other “Vote Buying” activities.  The Democrats are so lame that they believe in bribing your vote by giving you free stuff.

Here are the actual recent questions people are asking Google about the Electoral College:

Where did electoral college come from?

Where is electoral college located?

Will electoral college change in 2020?

Will electoral college be abolished?

Will the electoral college be reformed?

What will the electoral college look like in 2020?

Can the electoral college be removed?

Can the electoral college be done away with?

Can the electoral college be bought?

Can the electoral college be bribed?

Can the electoral college be hacked

Who invented electoral college?

When the electoral college works?

How can electoral college be eliminated?

and statements:

“Electoral college and slavery”

“Electoral college tyranny of the minority”

“Electoral college needs to go”

“Electoral college losers”

Where can I sign up to study at the Electoral College?

Are there Scholarships available for the Electorial College?

What SAT score do I need to get in to the Electoral College?

What types of degrees are offered at the Electoral College?