chinese doctor wenliang

While the World Health Organization Covered up for China, Dr. Li Wenliang Tried to warn us.

The Doctor was only 34 years old and later died of the Coronavirus.  His warning and that of other Doctors and Journalists within China who have disappeared or were silenced is beyond appalling.  The Chinese CCP is a corrupt and criminal government that is now in the process of truly being exposed- who shutdown Wuhan but yet knowingly allowed thousands of Chinese people to leave China during Chinese New Year and infect the world with their laboratory plague.   Ask Italy about what happened there.

The Wuhan Flu, the CCP Virus, the Chinese Government Plague is now being exposed by the mainstream and internal sources within the US Government have come forth to reveal that Covid-19 is a Virus that was created within a laboratory in Wuhan, China- and was leaked out.

On December 30, 2019 Dr. Wenliang warned on a Chinese social media platform that a SARS like virus was attacking people in Wuhan, China.  The Chinese Government forced Dr. Wenliang to sign a statement that it was a rumor and promising not to continue to warn people.

The greater question remains what really happened to Doctor Wenliang? 

Was he purposely exposed by the Glaucoma patient to the CoronaVirus?

Mike Pompeo Asks The Big Question.

Did the Virus come from a Lab?  Well the mainstream media has ignored all the various websites who have covered this- even Hannity dismissed it until tonight.

At 3:03 Mike Pompeo tells the public that the Chinese did not tell the world.

Chinese connections with another unreal story.