steve bannon warning on china

Wallstreet, Aircraft Manufacturing- USA sold out.

Steve Bannon explains it all.  The geo political situation that was changed.  The manufacturing base that was gutted from the USA and the EU.

The control of the South China Sea.

“It’s reckless disregard what the elites have done to the USA”- Steve Bannon

We saw this in the 1990’s.  It’s sad that the USA took Donald Trump to wake up to it.  China was inside the USA buying up Military and Industrial Surplus machinery in the 1990’s.  The US Government under the Criminal Clinton family opened the door.

Intellectual property theft from US ingenuity.  Bi Lateral Agreement with Japan.  Reorienting the supply chain away from China.  This is economic war, and the average US Citizen has no idea what happened- thanks to the news media not covering it and the Clintons in the 90’s.

Right now, there are many Chinese Citizens working within the National Research Laboratories- some of which are spies.  Why was this allowed?

“Fair trade and reciprocity is the Trump doctrine”- Steve Bannon