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Judicial Watch releases more documents.

“U.S. Department of State revealing that State Department “Special Coordinator for Libya” Jonathan Winer played a key role in facilitating dossier author Christopher Steele’s access to other top government officials, prominent international business executives. Mr. Winer was even approached by a movie producer about making a movie about the Russiagate targeting of President Trump.”


judicialwatch. org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-releases-state-department-emails-showing-dossier-author-christopher-steeles-close-relationship-with-state-department/

Judicial Watch Files FOIA Suit

Judicial Watch filed after the State Department failed to respond to a November 1, 2018, FOIA request seeking communications between Ambassador Victoria Nuland and any of the following individuals between January 1, 2016 and January 25, 2017:

Professor Joseph Mifsud, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr , Ex CIA Director John Brennan, Patrick Kennedy, Loretta Lynch, Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, John P. Carlin, George Toscas, David Laufman, Lisa Monaco, Bruce Ohr, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, James Rybick, Edward William Priestap, John Giacalone, Michael Steinbach and Josh Campbell.

Christopher Steele, allegedly developed relationships with senior State Department officials including Ambassador Victoria Nuland, “Between 2014 and 2016, Steele authored more than a hundred reports on Russia and Ukraine. These were written for a private client but shared widely within the State Department and sent up to Secretary of State John Kerry and to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who was in charge of the U.S. response to the Ukraine crisis.”

Nuland reportedly “green lit” the initial meeting about the anti-Trump dossier between Christopher Steele and FBI agent Michael Gaeta. Quoting from David Corn and Michael Isikoff’s book Russian Roulette, “The FBI checked with Victoria Nuland’s office at the State Department: Do you support this meeting? Nuland, having found Steele’s reports on Ukraine to have been generally credible, gave the green light.”

“We intend to find out how far the Deep State was willing to go in their effort to discredit then-candidate Donald Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It seems the Obama administration engaged in a no-holds-barred attempt to clear the path for Hillary Clinton. Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuits have already shown the Obama State Department was corruptly targeting President Trump.”

judicialwatch. org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-sues-state-department-for-obama-ambassador-victoria-nulands-communications-related-to-the-anti-trump-dossier/ Domain Name for Sale | Trump Russia Collusion

The greatest hoax perpertuated on the American Public in all of history?

Fusion GPS

The center of the controversy and contractor.

Hillary Clinton

The losing Presidential Candidate whose husband is the former President of the United States.

DNC | Democratic National Committee

Democratic National Committee that whose purpose is to unite democrats under one candidate, holds the National Convention, etc.

Christopher Steele

Ex British Spy who wrote the Steele Dossier which were 16-17 documents.

How the Steele Dossier was compiled- a timeline.

Starting in the spring of 2016 during the run up to the 2016 November Elections, the Clinton Campaign and the DNC contracted with Fusion GPS. Christopher Steele (Ex Spy from UK’s Intelligence service) is hired and creates 16 to 17 documents alleging that then Candidate Donald Trump had nefarious activities and was intended to implicate Donald Trump such activities.

Note:  Final comment in the article remains published today and stands that the Washington Post reports:

“However, the U.S. intelligence community has concluded that the Russians engaged in an elaborate operation to swing the election to Trump.”

washingtonpost. com/graphics/2018/politics/steele-timeline/?utm_term=.740f65e7a96e

“(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 339 pages of heavily redacted records from the U.S. Department of Justice which reveal that former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr remained in regular contact with former British spy and Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele after Steele was terminated by the FBI in November 2016 for revealing to the media his position as an FBI confidential informant.

The records show that Ohr served as a go-between for Steele by passing along information to “his colleagues” on matters relating to Steele’s activities. Ohr also set up meetings with Steele, regularly talked to him on the telephone and provided him assistance in dealing with situations Steele was confronting with the media.

Judicial Watch obtained the records through a March 2018 Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed after the Justice Department failed to respond a December 2017 request Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00490)). The lawsuit seeks:

All records of contact or communication, including but not limited to emails, text messages, and instant chats between Bruce Ohr and any of the following individuals/entities: former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele; owner of Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson; and any other employees or representatives of Fusion GPS.
All travel requests, authorizations and expense reports for Bruce Ohr.
All calendar entries for Bruce Ohr.

The timeframe for the requested records is January 1, 2015, to December 7, 2017.”

judicialwatch. org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-uncovers-doj-records-showing-numerous-bruce-ohr-communications-with-fusion-gps-and-christopher-steele/

“These smoking gun documents show that Christopher Steele, a Hillary Clinton operative and anti-Trump foreign national, secretly worked with the DOJ on targeting of President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents leave no doubt that for more than a year after the FBI fired Christopher Steele for leaking, and for some 10 months after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, Bruce Ohr continued to act as a go-between for Steele with the FBI and Justice Department. The anti-Trump Russia investigation, now run by Robert Mueller, has been thoroughly compromised by this insider corruption.”