professor karlin stanford

Matt Gaetz Slams the Activist Anti-Trump Panel and this person Pamela Karlin.

This little joke about Baron Trump- was way beyond called for and a huge insult.

Comparing President Trump to a King.  What a cunt.

The agenda’s of the Law Professor’s were obvious. Noah Feldman- from Harvard- an anti-Trump activist with articles written and published.

Turley was the only one who actually presented his case without emotion, and rationality.  He admitted he was a Democrat with integrity, and didn’t vote for Trump.

The opinions of interpreting the constitution were a joke, and a smear campaign from the start.

This was a highlight of today’s Democrat Nadler’s circus.  Matt Gaetz shows the bias of voting records and activism of these “Expert Witnesses” liberal emotionally charged and anti-Trump Activists who were invited to speak to Jerry Nadler’s 3 Ring big top today.  While Karlin later apologized, it showed how juvenile this over educated POS is.

Don’t send your kids to Stanford to be brain washed.

Democratic Donors to Obama, Warren and Hillary.  Obvious political bias.