Time to reconsider staying in the USA for retirement.

Politicians Suck.  All of them.  Social Security has been ruined.  Social Security Bankrupt by 2034.

Write your congressperson and complain now!

If you think the stupid, ignorant “Medicare for all” or the “Green New Scam” will ruin the US, think again.  It’s even worse with such proposals being floated and it’s all about the money.  Your retirement money.  The Politicians and lazy ass Gov’t workers have their own economic pension scams they screw the rest of us in more ways than one, yet many State and City Pension funds are going bankrupt also.

The US Government FORCES all working people to contribute to Social Security, it isn’t elective and by choice.  So, as the Poltical ruling class expanded it to cover innane programs that cover Drug addicts as disabled and people arriving from other countries who never paid into it other such nonsense it’s been totally mismanaged.

As you might be full aware, those who create jobs in America are small businesses, not large corporations such as Amazon who don’t even pay any Income tax.   15.3% of the Gross right off the top of your Self Employed income is taken to feed the aching conscience of liberal Politicians who decide how to redistribute your future to those undeserving people.  If you risk everything being self employed, you are penalized of your hard earned, non- government created income.  Hard working American Citizens who are already over taxed on everything- Utitilies, Telephone, Gasoline, Real Estate, on Investments (for your savings if you are self employed and need the money for future retirement)

“The OASI Trust Fund reserves are projected to become depleted in 2034, at which time OASI income would be sufficient to pay 77 percent of OASI scheduled benefits.”

So, OASI means “Old Age and Survivors Insurance”, and that is what it was supposed to be.  Then the Politicians added in “Disability” insurance in.  While they cannot mix the two funds, they play games.  What is a disability according to the Government?  This abused category includes Drug addicts as though they are disabled.  Screw them.

This study means the Government is preparing to screw us all, after the fund becomes depleted and cut your social security check.  For example if your check is going to be $1,500, they mention in the report a cut down 23% of your check to $1,155.  Just imagine!  How insane, how disrespectful meanwhile they open the doors for illegal Aliens and pay for benefits for the ilk of some person like Rashida Tlaib’s family to have 13 kids at Taxpayer expense.

www. ssa. gov/OACT/TR/2019/index.html

PDF Here is the total 2019 Annual Report on how screwed up the Social Security system has become: social-security-trustee-report-2019


So what is the answer?   Reverse Migration Caravan!  Leave the USA!   Don’t wait for the Migrant Caravans to arrive adding to the 20 Million existing Illegal Aliens and take over the welfare system and crowd lines everywhere you go. On $1,500 a month is the average income, and that won’t work for most people living in the USA.  Time to start planning and thinking about moving somewhere else- reverse the trend- but obviously don’t go where where it is dangerous.  Few North Americans go to El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras, but there are plenty of safer and nicer places with economic activity similar to the USA exist.  Sell your house (Hopefully your Mortgage is paid off) and go out an venture outside the USA like in safer cities at high altitudes in Latin America where it is possible.   The Dominican Republic you can live in the beach for $1,500 a month, or various locations in Costa Rica, Peru, Equador, Colombia, parts of Nicaragua, are all within a few hours flight of the USA. Temperatures in nice cities such as Medellin, Colombia, Cuenca, Equador and San Jose, Costa Rica never have snow and are 78 degrees all year long- check out the weather charts.   Apartments and houses can be rented for cheap.

While the illegals arrive, instead of going to dregs of New Mexico why not leave the US behind, and live well in great weather.   If you are a Judeo-Christian, these Latin American Countries are all Christian countries which are not being destroyed and overrun by the idiocy of the EU open door policy of poor and starving economic Migrants from Northern Europe or incompatible Non-Christian Religions.