Swamp Creature from Black Lagoon

Outrageous Bullshit from Republican Swamp.

Today The Hill reported that Swamp of the Month Nominee Republican Senator from Maine, told reported “You’re ruining my life”. i  Senator Susan Collins.  She loves Jake Tapper and his show on Fake News CNN and certainly isn’t representing Middle Class Americans.   Poor her, a Government Shutdown might make her work overtime for once.


This is from a 21 year Swamp Career- this “Republic in Name only” RINO Senator basically should be voted out.  Give me a break, wtf has she been doing as this obstructionist Senator holding open the vote in the Kavanaugh hearing, now this major bullshit.  Poor Senator, might miss a swamp Christmas party in lieu of doing what the American people voted Donald Trump to do- Build the Wall.  It’s one thing that POS Schumer opposes it, but all these other Republican Senators that knowingly voted to kick the can down the road for a wall that will never be built after January 3rd when Congress returns are worse than Democrats.  Shame on them.  This is why the American people are so sick and tired of Washington, DC.  This sort of arrogance, nothing getting done on the huge issue of Border security, they are against the agenda of President Donald Trump.  Screw the Senate.

Yesterday, future House leading Swamp creature Nancy Pelosi was out celebrating, and then it’s reported that President Trump is going to veto!  Hurray.  Close down the Swamp.  Shut the mess down.   Make a point.  Take the heat.  Build the Wall.  Screw Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer!

Yesterday, Ann Coulter said it best by rejecting Donald Trumps caving in on his promise of building the Wall.   President Trump deleted her from his followers list on Twitter.  That made more news than the Veto.  Now it’s 4pm in DC, and Paul Ryan was sent back from Trumps office to attempt to do something.  But this RINO has done little to support the agenda, he is Swamp Creature and soon to be cashing in on his contacts as Tucker Carlson stated on his program last night.  Just watch in a few months.

This Lame Duck POS Paul Ryan cannot do anything, he has had 2 years to aid the Trump agenda, but he is too worried about his revolving door soon to be lobbying and Swamp Consulting to support the will of Americans.

SO here we are, waiting to see what happens.  Susan Collins might miss her Turkey Dinner or her flight home at tax payer expense.  Who cares.

Get it done, build the Wall.  Tighten Border security.