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Nancy Pelosi’s City Believes in Destroying Businesses.

No rule of law in San Francisco.  So why don’t all the criminals from everywhere show up in this once nice place- this “sanctuary city”?  Why don’t they advertise this to the world.  It’s a free for all.  Shop for up to $950 and put it in bags, and leave.  No need to pay.  Legalized looting and theft thanks to people like Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi who are from San Francisco.  Why don’t they invite them into their private jets to go shopping for free?  Why not encourage anyone who needs “free stuff” to simply pile in to buses and trains from all around the USA and just show up for one big shopping spree?  After all, the city government doesn’t give a shit about businesses.  During the talk below he gives in the video, store employees are demoralized.  They will lose their jobs if they confront shoplifters!  Imagine that. NO Consequence for stealing up to $950 worth of stuff.  Meanwhile small business cannot operate, but corporate owned ones do.  Their losses by “Shrinkage” will just be buried by their accountants and written off as a loss on their taxes, that is even if they paid taxes previously.  More of upside down world we are in.

This video from Peter Santenello describes how insane the city of San Francisco has become.  Security guards are told to stand down, so why even have security guards?

All the criminals around the USA should simply go to San Francisco and enjoy being thieves, meanwhile the rest of world should be left alone as they can get rid of their local criminals and care for those who are hurting during this China CCP Virus pandemic.  Sick.  Disgusting, but this is leftist liberal policy.

This is the ultimate in Government failure with these “Give away” programs.  Allowing criminals to steal and not be arrested.  Politicians steal from the people, criminals steal from the businesses and the middle class get stuck paying the bill.  Imagine what price inflation the future holds.  This shocking video should prove why common sense minded people are leaving California for good.  Why San Francisco is So Bad Now.

Watch from 5:45 to his commentary.

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