Try to impeach this tweet

Trump Tweet: Try to Impeach This!

Well, President Trumps presidency is now really being attacked.  This is a full court press of nonsense with the attempt to defect attention off of Joe Biden and his son’s ties to corruption in China and the Ukraine Hunter Biden has been written about for years.

Any critical thinking person who is objective can see what is happening.  Millions of people HATE Trump.  Millions more agree with his agenda of #MAGA, and focusing on the USA, and dropping the Deep State’s revolving door spoke about years ago by Ross Perot.

“If you see a snake, just kill it.  Don’t appoint a committee on killing Snakes”- Ross Perot

But Washington DC cannot be trusted to investigate itself, then with private Lawyers get involved they are banned from receiving the documents to prove their accusations, allegations and claims- just like today with the victims of the 9/11 scandal are being withheld by the Deep State in the excuse of “National Security”.

Nobody on the news other than Fox wants to talk about Biden or but they don’t even mention about McConnell’s corruption.  In fact, McConnell is sitting back silently and instead of leading, he is this corrupt Politician part of the permanent political elite class (as Tucker Carlson calls DC), that is just waiting to cash in too.  Except he already is cashing in with his ties into China, as Peter Schweizers Book “Secret Empires” talks about.  Why does nobody within Washington care? Let’s hope that Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo dig deep outside the US, and uncover what really happened with Obama spying on the Trump Campaign in 2016.

Why are the back stories only written about by,,

Other than Fox, why are all the Mainstream Media like CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post all totally against anything and Everything Trump?


Because they are all in on it.  The mainstream media is dead, it’s a scam and filled with propaganda- there is no more reporting of the news, as we wrote before about Walter Cronkite.  We are in for a rough Election year in 2020, much rougher than ever before as the Democrats have nothing to do but attempt to grab power away from Republicans and harrass and form a a Coup to boot out President Trump, who was duly elected.

Where is the piddly amount of wall funding (While it costs Taxpayers $132 Billion for Illegal Alien babysitting)?  Where is the work being done?  How is Illegal Immigration being handled?  Where are the infrastructure programs.

Democrats like those leading the Fraud Squad want to focus on nonsense social programs that have zero benefit for those who are working, and have jobs.

Trump has become a target of emotional chaos fueled also by non-entities like Hollywood scum like Robert Deniro.

The US has this obsession with selfies and narcissistic behavior that has grown out of “Look at what I had for breakfast” garbage on social media.

#DeleteFacebook is ruining America and normal social interaction.

Amazon is ruining small retailers

Google is censoring real news and opinions to skew people into believing that there is only one voice in America.

Apple has convinced you to pay $1000. for stupid celullar phone every year.

The Automotive Industry has sold you into buying a new car and paying for it over 7 years!.

They all are supporting the Democratic Party- that is filled with corruption which has been like a rotting fish, from the head down.  Pelosi, Schumer, Warren Pocahontas and Sanders smelly Rotten Fish that are senile and need to be retired, maybe Zuckerberg will invite them to Hawaii,  Politicians locally even- are all ignorant and all have no leadership in solving even really simple problems like Jussie Smollett nor have a clue what America is about.

Gavin Newson and Bill DiBlasio are going to drive out Tax payers from their Kingdoms and be left like Medieval Europe with Kings and Serfs.  Big Tech and the Elites like Pelosi are Kings, and States full of illegal aliens are their Serfs doing slave labor.

The middle class is dying everyday, and unless you as a Tax payer do not revolt against what is going on and speak your mind and take action, we are not going to survive as the world’s most prosperous Nation the world has ever known.  Support the Trump Agenda in anyway.  Keep up all the Trump Rally support and make sure you vote to get rid of the Democrats in 2020 so that the Trump Agenda can be realized.  Trump needs to clean up the leakers and the Deep State.

The Globalists will do anything to sell out the USA to China, and soon you will be out of a good paying job.

coup to remove trump