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The Deep State Family Business of Corruption


This is a non-partisan story.  Princelings they are called.   Crony Capitalism.  The average taxpayer cannot get away with this monkey business.   It isn’t new either.  This has been happening for decades and decades.  Lobbying should simply be made illegal, however the legislature could never bite the hand that feeds it.  Right?  We are not part of the big club.   Foreign Lobbying especially.   Just wait and see how difficult it will be for President Trump to up against McConnell and anything having to do with China.  His has a vested interest in protecting his riches.  The Swamp is non-partisan.  Both Republicans and Democrats are swamp creatures who are bribed continually.

And when it comes to foreign lobbying from China, Biden, Kerry and McConnell certainly know all about it.  Peter Schweizer in his new book Secret Empires covers the corruption and how it is covered up.  Just simply have your kid, wife’s cousins or friends accept the “gifts”. No disclosure needed.  Political Arbitrage, Corruption by Proxy are the terms used by Peter in his book. Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz and their enterprise. Elaine Chao- Mitch McConnells wife.

Structuring is a term used this is phony era of life and what it is called in “Money Laundering” another catch all phrase and stupid one of the latest buzzword’s and scams applied around the world by the OECD, to trample on the rights of people who wish to use cash. Cash transactions are somehow becoming all unlawful.  Just try and make a deposit for $9,999. just one dollar short of the $10,000. level set as reportable in your local bank, and watch the teller sneer at you as though you are a criminal.  A criminal “Structuring” your deposit under the radar of the IRS.  Certainly, you must be a criminal.

Now, say you sell your antique car for $18,000. You need to fill out a declaration to the IRS to report that you received over $10,000. in cash.  Here are the instructions dealers are supposed to follow, yet everybody is supposed to file this form.  The penalties range from $25,000. to $100,000. for not doing so.

But Politicians, fly over to China, on trips fully paid by taxpayers under the guise of some excuse like diplomacy and their son’s receive unreported contributions and enrichment.  This could be argued as the rich “Structuring” WHO get’s the payments. Not how much. They structure their deals to disguise their corruption, and certainly block any new legislation that is to be introduced that effects their money tree.   Political dynasties have existed since the United States has been formed.  Dynasties have always existed and go back hundreds if not thousands of years of civilization.  So has corruption.   But a nation who supposedly prides itself on honesty, transparency and good will to all- and enforcing their political system into other nations, needs to take a deep look at who it’s leaders are and their own corruption.   The book talks negatively say about Belize and Panama as offshore haven’s, yet the United States itself remains the largest money laundering capital in the world.

The book is a good read.  Talks of the families- John Kerry and Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed, Christopher Heinz, Heinz Ketchup Family, Rosemont Capital, Paradigm, Stanford Capital and much more.

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