Where is the hazmat suit here play with bats

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It is debatable about whether this research is valuable and worthwhile.  You’d think if they have been working on this all these years for the good of mankind, they would have already figured out how to produce a vaccine or understand this.  But research is never finished since unless there is a way to kick the can down the road, the problem needs to remain always for job security.  What raises the big question is why was this work stopped by the NIH, then restarted over in China?

All this information is from public records disclosure online- note Shi Zheng Li is listed below on the studies that were funded.  See previous post for the links:



Gain of function research as a technically qualified outsider appears to be the tail wagging the dog- a solution looking for a problem to solve, then once a problem occurs (Like Covid-19) the solution possibly could be applied and people get to cash in (Big Pharma) after instilling fear of the unknown and to scare the entire population.  But in the academic community to always be funded, some researchers base their entire careers on NEVER FINDING A SOLUTION.  So continued funding justifies their entire existence.  Nothing like waking up everyday to not have a deadline to actually create a product or something of value other than- geez-wiz type non-specific research on disease carrying bats.  Having a deadline is what occurs in private industry- but not in perpetual funding from Uncle Sam.  Makes a great business plan for someone who is simply a fund raising and brokering middle man taking money from taxpayers- paying himself a $300,000 salary to mind the store and being a go between-the US and China.  Then becoming an advocating mouth piece to the weak minded shills in the media who print all this pro-China narrative.  Best of all- the true details are not disclosed, and provide stepping stones to extending the work on a timeline of a career.  Why?  Because other than what is printed to satisfy the contract is NOT all the data.  All contracted research details remain under protection of a private entity and not necessarily under public scrutiny.

If nobody but the Chinese consume and eat bats, why did the US Fund research into a problem that exists in China?

Clinical Research Studies- National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


Human-Wildlife | CoV, Mers, Zoonotic- Bats Hunted, Traded Butchered and Consumed- Significant Threat to Global Health.

So the description of the study refers to the above global health threat.

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What Cohen above didn’t write on his twitter the documents above, that someone else posted to prove the claim.  Another “Science guy protecting his virus fraternity buddies”

Is this how viruses spread? No Hazmat Field PPE?

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Where is the hazmat suit here play with bats


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