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“Payrolls surge by 304,000, smashing estimates despite government shutdown”

https://www. cnbc. com/2019/02/01/nonfarm-payrolls-january-2019.html

NANCY? Pelosi botches words, suffers face spasms, confuses Dems, GOP while vowing no border wall funding

No real surprise, this babbling idiot should have retired on the upswing, instead of circling the drain. She has been senile for several years, yet continues at old age to screwing up the Democratic Party.  Still no border wall and the countdown is now 13 more days before another possible #shutdown.

http://www. theamericanmirror. com/nancy-pelosi-botches-words-suffers-face-spasms-confuses-dems-gop-while-vowing-no-border-wall-funding/

Ralph Northham refused to shake Black Opponents hand- see video.

Amid the KKK and Blackface hood details and his advocating killing Children after born, with a post birth Abortion he should be embarrassed to be in public office.


“The “We The People Will Build the Wall” campaign has surpassed $20 million since it was created in December by Air Force veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage. The campaign has received almost 350,000 donations even as wall opponents derided the effort and after the longest government shutdown in U.S. history ended with Congress refusing Trump’s demand for billions in wall funding.”

https://www. yahoo. com/news/conservatives-head-texas-try-build-own-wall-202821370.html
Muslim Ilhan Omar is being called Anti Semitic by Jewish Congressman.  Not surprising.  Her comments and continuous identity politics are pathetic when she is representing 5% of her states population of non-christians.  She represents people in Minnesota, which according to worldpopulationreview. com/states/minnesota-population/ her mostly Christian based state isn’t full of Muslims- yet with all the media coverage you would think she lives in a place otherwise.  This constant stream of negative comments about her identity as a Somalian born muslim instead of assimilating and expressing herself as an American- is simply like Rashida Tlaib, AOC and others who have won seats pandering to the poor, uneducated voter bases in their respective ghettos.

“the Minnesota population comes in at 74% Christian based faiths, 5% non-Christian based faiths, and 20% not affiliated with any religion.”

Representative Ilhan Omar writes in a tweet:

“Don’t mind him, he is just waking up to the reality of having Muslim women as colleagues who know how to stand up to bullies!” Omar wrote. “It’s gonna be fun watching him lose his marbles.”

“Zeldin then did apparently lose his marbles, suggesting in a follow-up retweet of Omar’s retweet of a retweet of Zeldin’s original tweet that Omar sympathized with “ISIS fighters” and “Palestinian terrorists.” (Read that sentence again if you have to.)”

and… this gem.

“Your anti-Semitic & anti-Israel hate is strong & wrong & those terrorists have US blood on their hands as well,” Zeldin wrote to Omar.”

https://www. rollcall. com/news/congress/a-jewish-republican-accused-a-muslim-democrat-of-anti-semitism-she-accused-him-of-islamophobia

The poor-me, pity and feel sorry-for-me crap should end.

It isn’t helpful to spend your life claiming to be a anti Israel or a “victim”, if she was truly a “victim”, she would have died in Somalia earlier in life due to the ISIS invasion and take over of radicals.

Somalia is a disaster thanks to her fellow citizens, and this elected person should appreciate immigrating and being part of the capitalist American system she moved to and appreciate being around Americans, not wearing a scarf on her head trying to identify with her past and some minority of whiners and people who are not Americans.  What is it with this identity politics causing all this twitter hate back and forth?

Why can’t this person concentrate on Minnesota’s people, who are mostly not Somalians and their own issues?

According to this article- Somalians are 1% of Minnesota’s population- like 42,000 people. Give me a break. So what demographic impact do they have? Many don’t speak English (lovely), 50% of them are of working age at 22 years old, 58% were born outside the US, yet lived at least 11 years in the USA, so why the non-assimilation? Are they keeping as a separate community? Or are they integrating into normal society? All Richard has to say is that, I wish them the best for contributing to a vibrant, economic success in Minnesota.

sctimes. com/story/news/local/2018/12/17/st-cloud-somali-population-minnesota-statistics/2304695002/

“Recently sworn-in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar doubled-down on her previous anti-Israeli remarks this week; directly comparing the Jewish State with the United States during the Civil Rights era and saying they’re simply “not a democracy.”

Ilhan was responding to a previous post on social medal that claimed Israel’s “not a real Democracy” because millions are “denied the right to vote.”

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https://www. hannity. com/media-room/omar-goes-off-rep-omar-compares-immoral-israel-with-1960s-usa-says-not-a-democracy/