HR 5383 Migrant Bill

Update:  ACLU Supports The NEW WAY FORWARD ACT.

No Way To The New Way Forward Act

So according to the website, this bill has a 4% chance of passing.  Thank god.  It’s difficult to believe that enough Democrats could be gathered together to vote this crap in.

—–> Read PDF Here: hr-5383-new-way-forward-act

Chuy and his group of goofball liberal activist congressional jerks introduced a radical change to immigration policy of the USA.  This is like a complete opposite bill of “Kates Law” that was defeated.  Just 2 years, and Congress has a bunch of open borders supporters and lawless thinking radicals sponsoring this legislation.

New Way Backwards should be DOA in the House.

Clear thinking Democrats need to stand up and be counted.  Ignore this activist segment of moronic people like Trashida, Omar, Pressley, @AOC and the rest.  These people are more interested in representing Non US Citizens, and spend their time working on legislation to protect law breaking “Migrants”- this over used, incorrect term when they are actually illegal aliens.  That isn’t part of the  Illegal Alien used to be normal, now it’s “Undocumented Migrant”.  Please.  it was removed to keep up with the Politically correct atmosphere we are in.


Alternative Reality at it’s finest moment

The Left likes to slam our President, stating he lives in an “Alternative reality”.  Yet where are these people coming from with their ideas?   To somehow promote “Alternative Justice” for “Migrants” where does that come from?  It does not occur anywhere we know of in other parts of the world.  Sure a few people with power have their ideology that is being imposed on the rest of their country- such as Merkel on the EU opening the doors for tribes of incompatible people- but in the USA?   Get arrested in Mexico- you get deported.  Get arrested in the EU you get deported.  That is with a Visa overstay.  But claim some sort of “Refugee” status- well it’s a free pass then?  Is this what Soros wants for the USA?  Yes.  The Kings want more Serfs.

Laws are laws.  So, if someone breaks a law they are penalized for it.  There are degrees of severity.  However, as this bill is written it seems to ignore the fact of common sense where Criminals who have deported have some sort of second chance available and necessary for the rest of us to pay for it.  There are millions of LEGAL immigrants who arrive and create businesses, wealth and prosperity for their families.  No question.  That’s why the USA is a magnet for people to arrive for freedom and democracy.  But for these warped minded law makers to believe in their newly morphed off “Alternative Reality” that “Migrants” (Illegal Aliens) are just people who arrived into the USA illegally in whatever manner be it a Visa overstay or through the porous border- that they need special treatment.  Complete nonsense.

Chuy Garcia’s Version of the No Way Forward Act.

Is on his congressional website link below.

This is meant to redefine what a felony is. Since when do these “law makers” think they can create changes to existing laws to protect illegal alien criminals with zero rights and give them a pass meanwhile existing laws for US Citizens still apply.  Redefining current laws to allow special treatment for people who illegal overstayed their visa or jumped over the Wall?

This redefines what a crime of moral turpitude is.  A law that has existed for years.  This isn’t about decriminalizing marijuana or jaywalking.  This is about changing real serious laws.

This bill opens the doors for drug smuggling illegal aliens who need to be deported.  The entire premise of this bill is somehow normalize illegal immigration.

chuygarcia. Way Forward Section-by-Section Nov.2019.pdf

Tucker Carlson Explains the New Way Forward Act

Forward to 5:15 in the video below to listen.  This New Way Forward Act HR 5383 Bill is completely nuts.  Insane.  UnAmerican written by UnAmerican Congress people.  This is their anti ICE bill.

Youtube Deleted this!!!! Was it removed at Fox News Request? Or social Justice Warrior Complaints? Here is the original link, it lasted a couple days on
youtube. com/watch?v=okbOC-FhVeA

Banned Video

Rep Pramila Jayapal Co-Sponsors Bill- Vote her ass out.

“Migration”  Like WTF is this idea?  Did this person arrive as Anchor Baby Rashida Tlaib only to turn on it and shit all over what those who built the USA ?  In her quote below, she removes purposely the fact that she is standing up for illegal immigrants or Illegal Aliens.  “New Americans” = “Undocumented Migrants”?????  Please.

All these newly elected, radical congress people need to be voted out.  What ever happened to assimilation to current traditions, laws, customs etc?

“Rep. Pramila Jayapal said. “As one of 14 naturalized citizens in Congress, I am proud to co-lead the New Way Forward Act, which aims to restore due process for immigrants by ending detention without bail, separating local policing from immigration enforcement, and repealing laws that make migration a crime. New Americans deserve the same rights and dignity as native-born Americans — a chance to make their own American dream a reality and contribute meaningfully to their communities without fear.”

So does this mean that 30% of Pressley’s district contains illegal Aliens?  Does this mean she needs to focus on them instead of the 70% who are Not Illegals?

“For those of us living in the Massachusetts 7th Congressional District, a district that is over 30% immigrant, we know firsthand that the cruel and xenophobic policies coming out of this White House have destabilized families and stoked fear in immigrant communities far beyond the Southern border,” said Rep. Pressley.


End Mandatory Detention of Illegals

Yep.  This is the Anti- Kate’s law bill.  Requires “Probable cause” for arresting illegal aliens?   What more does an ICE Officer need to remove someone illegally entering the USA.  Try being an illegal in any other country and they boot you out.  Central America included.

Statute of Limitations- Stay 5 Years illegally and Get a free Pass to stay!

Lovely idea.  They sneak this Title II section in with an amendment to remove the ability of ICE to enforce immigration law so if they catch, then release an Illegal, and the illegal remains in the USA 5 years, they cannot be deported!   Lovely.  Illegal Aliens are fugitives from justice, they are illegally in the Country.  Period.  No exceptions.

Remove Criminal Statues as cause for removal of Illegals

This section, one of the most serious now redefines criminal activity.   Decriminalizing in order to allow Criminal Aliens to stay in the USA.  Another sneaky section.  Hopefully all law makers will read this, and not debate this DOA bill.

Restore Judicial Discretion and End Removal Without Due Process

Burden of Proof?  Giving liberal sanctuary states like California ability to see individual cases and give a day in court to people who illegally enter the USA?  again, try overstaying your visa in Central America- you get put in Immigration Jail and they send the invoice for deportation to you- the law breaker.  And if you do not have funds, the US Government charges you for repatration.  Illegals need immediate deporation, not a hearing, not a day in court they need to be kicked out of the USA as they entered illegally or overstayed their visa.

This section creates more bureaucracy and taxpayer expenses.  It’s complete bullshit like the rest of the bill.

Prohibition Against Performance of Immigration Officer Functions By State and Local Officers and Employees.

This is the Anti-ICE section and redefines Federal and State jurisdictional cooperation.  This creates the USA to become a “Sanctuary Country”.

Decriminalize Migration

So this is the open borders clause.  The Anti Wall legislation.

Free Airfare for Illegals to Reenter the USA!

“The Department of Homeland Security shall provide transportation for aliens eligible for reopening ore reconsideration of their proceedings….”  so taxpayers will need to repatriate Illegals at taxpayer expense so they can have a fair trial even if they were criminals?  Please.

@AOC, Chuy, Pressley, Omar, Jayapal and the rest.

You UnAmerican Illegal Alien supporters should be “De Naturalized” and sent back to wherever you or your parents came from.  The US Taxpayers don’t want you.


Trump 2020