snake devours itself

Will the Republicans Treat Mueller like the Democrats did Judge Kavanaugh?

We doubt it.  Will the Deep State and Media Continue to talk and frame this Collusion Hoax?  Yes.  They will grandstand, stretch it out until the 2020 Election cycleNancy Pelosi will insure that this will continue to drive the fake narrative.

Tomorrow is the opening day of the latest Democrat Circus act.  Who will be the head clown?  Nadler?  Or some other grandstanding idiot?

While the Democrats keep beating the dead horse, the coming months will continue to be all about socialism, the Fraud Squad, Green New Deal , fake claims that anyone who opposes the idiots running the DC Asylum is a Racist.  The playbook is obvious.  It’s tiring and getting really old.

Speaking of Kavanaugh, Let’s look back 26 years ago on July 20th in 1993.

Clinton’s Legacy will always be tainted by the strange occurrence of Vince Foster’s death 26 years ago.

Note this pdf report on questions surrounding Vince Fosters Death and it’s still available in the Government archives and was sent to Brett Kavanaugh on May 30, 1995.  There are 36 pages to the report this is only the first page.

www. archives. gov/files/research/kavanaugh/releases/docid-70105838.pdf


inconsistency of vince fosters death

Unanswered Questions remain 26 years later.  New York Times ad published on June 4th, 1995.

This was published by “Accuracy in Media, Inc.”  read the PDF, it’s all there.  The mainstream media was being accused of abetting the narrative, like today’s present Anti-Trump Fake News narrative and did not cover this story accurately.

New York Times Ad- Vince Foster death Inconsistencies