Today, June 7, 2019 The Trump Administration announced that in an agreement with Mexico they are going to cooperate with stemming the flood of Illegal Aliens crossing the US Border.  Just 2 days ago, (2) major leaders who have assisted the Caravan’s were both arrested in Mexico. But of course, there is much more action that needs to be taken by Mexico- like impeding the flow and returning people back to the Mexican Southern Border.  While the Democrats have refused to assist in controlling this mess, the US Tax payer will be saddled with Billions in Federal subsidies I would imagine in excess of at least $5 Billion- the cost of building the wall.

Michelle Malkin posted this statistic tonight from the Center for Immigration Studies.  12% of Guatemala’s annual GDP are people working illegally in the USA sending money back into Guatemala.  In Honduras is a whopping 20%, and El Salvador 21% of the entire countries GDP!

With those numbers, it’s no wonder those nations want to get these people out of their nation and don’t assist the US from sending their people north.  This illegally earned income that is earned by Illegal Aliens working Illegally in the USA and remains untaxed (Or is it?, using a fake Social Security Card) is the gross amount of their US Based earnings.  Sure they are not paid prevailing wage by whoever hires them illegally and gets away with it due to unenforced laws.

Trump should impose fines on Western Union and Moneygram as we stated before.

central americans western union

And it’s reported by the Mexican Government Hacienda (Their IRS) that 26 people/entities funds have been frozen in Mexico bank accounts that appear to be funding the Caravan’s and with the crime of Human Trafficking.   The origin of funds appear to be from various countries outside Mexico and include England, USA, Cameroon, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.  Here are the original statements.

twitter. com/Hacienda_Mexico/status/1136705688992931841

Mexico freezes bank accounts of 26 people funding caravans

Mexico Human Traffic Funding Caravans