sulfur-dioxide wuhan cremations

Is this a cover-up?  High Sulfur Dioxide Levels Reported over Wuhan

It seems daily that more and more evidence from different sources are coming out.  The online website is great for tracking wind conditions such as typhoons and hurricanes paths.   Well a few people have been looking deeper into using this online satellite tracking application and discovered that Sulfur Dioxide SO2 gas levels are very high in an otherwise quiet city with little economic, manufacturing or productive activity occurring.  Purely speculation, but it seems very suspicious.  Scientific assessments state that SO2 gases are caused by burning medical waste, biomass and cremations.

 “ showed sulphur dioxide levels in Wuhan at a staggering 1,350 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m3) over the weekend.

Yet the World Health Organisation (WHO) says a safe dosage is 500 µg/m3

The UK government says a 15-minute concentration of 533 µg/m3 is “high”.”- TheSun.couk


398 People in the USA are under watch

As is being reported, this response from the WHO was from the beginning and now is getting quite ridiculous.  Releasing people into the general population,


legalinsurrection. com/2020/02/wuhan-virus-watch-1000th-death-recorded-from-coronavirus-infection/

Global Solidarity so says: THE WHO

COVID-19, CoronaVirus has a name now.

It only took what 2 months to name it.  This moron is unbelievable to start off discussing why it needs a name, about stigmatizing, and justification.

WHO Full News Conference in Geneva, was streamed 4 hours ago.  This Politician Incompetent Tedros guy starts off talking about Ebola!   Like why?  The world is not effected by Ebola.  It’s isolated and not being transmitted worldwide.  We assume because he wants to take this opportunity for donations.  Skip the first 4 minutes of the video.

UN Crisis Management Team.  WHO has entered China today, after nearly 2 1/2 months since it was first discovered in early December.  This is really unacceptable.  So is the leadership from this knucklehead.  If you listen to his press conference you will know that he has an agenda.  Multi-lateral, Public Funding, Investing, Economic Impact, all other topics other than responding to a health crisis.  If you want State run health care, then Elect Bernie Sanders and his ignorance because he too is unqualified to operate a 7-11 store, let alone Health Care in the USA.  This Dr. Tedros is not qualified for this job.   “Clean your hands”.  “Keep your distance when someone is sneezing”… I mean how stupid can we get.  Then he asks for donations and investment.   A money grab of course- now 11 minutes in the video he has not said anything of value.

Serious measures China is taking?  How does he know?