Miss Michigan Kathy Zhu

So, question is did Trashida and CAIR have anything to do to make this happen?

Kathy Zhu, from Michigan, the same state as Anchor Baby, vulgar loudmouth POS Rashida Tlaib is from. Rashida was simply jealous of her looks, common sense and her intelligence- all of these good characters are why she was awarded the Miss Michigan crown in the first place.  These character traits all of which are absent from Trashida’s brain.

Kathy is a Conservative who isn’t afraid to speaks her mind lost her title due to Political beliefs.  Now this really is the insanity of the Liberal Army of idiots.  She studied political science at the University of Central Florida, now attends University of Michigan.  She is the vice president of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan. Also the Miss Michigan 2019 Winner on July 14, 2019, which she her title was removed only 4 days later- claiming she is a Racist.  Total idiocy.


Kathy didn't wear a hijab

Tweet from page in: orlandosentinel. com/news/education/os-ucf-tweets-muslim-student-association-20180202-story.html

So, an incident in 2018 where some nasty person belonging the Muslim Students ASSociation stated the following in some sort of Twitter army attack:

“I invited you to try one on and you said ‘no thank you,’” the woman wrote. “You didn’t take the time to even ask questions or try to understand what Hijab is. That’s ignorant of you. You literally sprinted after taking the photos. That’s pathetic.”

In a separate post, the woman urged people to contact the university’s Office of Student Conduct.

“Let’s get this girl expelled,” she wrote.

SO, Kathy was polite and responded “No Thank you” and because of it and her Political views the powers that be removed her from being Miss Michigan.  More nonsense.  Why would she want to cover her beautiful hair up anyway?

Laurie DeJack, State Director of MWA wrote her a letter accusing her of being “Insensitive”.  Michael Galanes and Robert Gandara were cc’ed in the letter to Kathy Zhu.  She is in some sort of violation called “Being of good character” because she supports President Trump.  How low can these people go.  A 20 year old girl being booted like that.

Miss Michigan

A Hat tip to @jaguarultimo and @tweetbrettmac for posting these.

This reporter Brett Mac has dug deeper into this story than the rest of the media and in his own investigation, and challenged Kathy about some tweets in 2015, when she was only 16.  Big deal.  Didn’t you say things you regretted or were less tactful when you were only 16 years old?

So who is this SJW Scotland Perez Calhoun anyway? Kathy claims she is a Florida cyber stalker, and the reporter mentioned Calhoun ran for office and wasn’t eligible to even run because of her age.  (Didn’t Calhoun read the fine print first? lol.)  Then some petty battle ensued between these two young women.  Pretty sad really.

twitter. com/PoliticalKathy/status/1152044900407549952/photo/4
pjmedia. com/trending/trump-supporter-stripped-of-miss-michigan-title-for-hijab-tweet/


kathy zhu offensive tweets

@PoliticalKathy wrote on twitter today:

“It’s honestly surprising to me that not more asian Americans are conservatives!”

Because of that disheartening experience, I was motivated to keep pushing on & speak for those that are too afraid to come out as a conservative.

A lot of our political beliefs and morals stem from our culture.

I used to go to a liberal arts high school. I was bullied and laughed at for being a conservative and campaigning for Trump in 2016.

When the left throws around the word “racist”, the value of real racism will be diminished.”

Going on CNN tomorrow to discuss my story!

I know that many of you, including myself, dislike the biases within their network, but I want to make sure the left will get an understanding of my stance and where I come from.

Tune in at 8:48am est on CNN’s segment, New Day!

This week’s challenge: sit down with someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum and discuss your similarities and differences. If we do this, I bet we’ll find common ground.

Let’s try to understand each other’s point of view and express our constructive criticism.

Do you know why Trump is hated amongst the left? Because liberals take snippets and sound bites out of his speeches and conversations. This is not only dishonest but unjust.

Judge a person by the content of their present character. Cancel culture is so toxic when it comes to political views and beliefs.

People change so much throughout their lives. This applies to both liberals and conservatives.”

Poor RIchard cannot agree more with Kathy and her views.  The rhetoric has become overheated and purely things are being done out of spite, instead of logic.  Over and over this childish emotional behavior of some on the left – especially the Fraud Squad– well speaks volumes.

Update:  CNN Interview of Kathy Zhu

She refused a Hijab, but wears a MAGA Hat!

Kathy Zhu