hot sauce bottle with bleach

Police Reports have Jussie guilty written all over them.

This mess is really unbelievable.  A well known Trump hater, creates a fake hoax about hate crime and the gets away with it thanks to connections with high ranking Government officials.  Anybody else without any money, of “Fame” would have been lambasted by CNN.

CNN Fake News won’t apologize to President Trump for the Lies perpetrated on the Russian Hoax now 675 days of wasted tax dollars.

JC133190 Case Supplementary Report from January 29th, 2019 available on Google Drive from thegatewaypundit links which were obtained on the FOIA of the 39 page JC133190 Jussie Smollett Police Report in PDF Format on the website state the following:

Jussie Smollett Age 36, “Made false reports to police claiming to be the victim of an Aggravated battery/Undetermined Motive- Page 4 and 8, etc. of—–>

this Twitter link to @CWBChicago that has the police report links—->  JC133190 PDF.

The report goes on to show proof of the signed check for $3,500 from TCF Bank written to Redacted person(s), and $100 given to buy Rope, Masks and the Hat for the incident.  EL Yucateco Hot Sauce bottle was  recovered on Feb 7th, 2019 at 406 North New Street in Chicago, that was filled with bleach.

thegatewaypundit. com/2019/03/breaking-chicago-police-files-released-on-hate-hoaxer-jussie-smollett-case/