June 15th, 2019 #ImpeachTrumpDay of Action

Well, what is this all about?   Where was all the important advertising and call to action?  Did you hear about this weeks ago as it was being planned?

Here is the Impeach Event Map from Move On.

Move on Impeach Map Events

“Join us on Saturday, June 15, for #ImpeachTrump: Act to Defend Democracy, a national day of local action to demand an inquiry into the impeachment of Donald Trump!

Donald Trump’s abuses of our communities and country demand action from Congress, which has the responsibility and authority to hold Trump accountable. The next crucial step is an inquiry into whether to draft articles of impeachment.

Search and RSVP for an event near you. Events will be visible, family-friendly, public gatherings to demonstrate to our representatives that impeachment is the will of the people. Together, we will inform our communities about Trump’s abuses and the process of impeachment, then make plans to convey our support for impeachment to our elected officials.”

The #ImpeachTrump Resist Movement organizing events all over the USA?   Will Antifa be speaking?  Will Hillary the failed Candidate and her Husband the worlds most effective liars and scam artists attend?

It’s now 30 months that President Trump has been attempting to drain the Swamp and so far he has been winning.

Where will Nancy Pelosi be?  Hiding under the dashboard of her Mercedes in San Francisco?

How about @AOC, is she the Mascot riding on the main float?

Is Ilhan Omar the Grand Marshall?

Will Cair organizers require Hijabs on all Women?

Will Rashida Tlaib protest in front of GM?

Where’s Maxine Waters going to be speaking?

Will both Kamala Harris and Willie Brown attend together?

Will Spartacus Cory Booker be in Newark or in DC?

Can Elizabeth Warren wear her fake headdress?

Where will be Stormy Daniels dancing at the late night entertainment?

Michael Avenatti isn’t saying anything so far.

Does CNN and MSNBC plan to cover the entire event, all over the USA and provide us all with the latest news?

How many advertisement dollars were spent on Facebook?

The Twitter account has nothing but repeating reminders on it.

twitter. com/impeachtrumpday

moral imperative to impeach trump