obama warns democrats circular firing squad

Democrats are a absolute joke, all of them.

adam schiff praises cummings

Adam Schiff: Rep Cummings is our “Guiding Light”

Cummings- Where did he get the artwork?  The Government worker who should be investigated who owns $10,000,000. in Artwork on a $172,000. salary.

AOC White Supremacy

@AOC: White Supremacy is a Domestic Terror Crisis, Guns are the Problem

So Now @AOC is pushing the agenda of Bigotry and Racism against White People.  As through, a few nut cases represent the entire Nation.

warren watermelon eating negro

Elizabeth Warren: Forgot to Remove Her Non-P.C. 1950’s Watermelon Eating Negro Trinket Statue

tlaib tweet gun country

@RashidaTlaib:  Blames Guns for Tragedies

Yeah, the typical immediate response within minutes of a mass shooting by an idiot to call for Gun Control.  Never happen.

ilhan domestic terrorism omar death penalty innocent

@IlhanOmar: Innocent People killed by Government in Death Penalty

And the worst Tweet of the day- Ilhan Omar claiming that the US Government does not fairly try Criminals and that the “System” somehow is stacked against “Innocent people”.  The court system works well.  DNA Evidence in the past 15 years has really helped solve crimes, how can such a stupid statement be made?  Well, it’s Omar of course.  Sign the OmarTruth.com Petition.