Ross Perot Quotes

Years ago, Ross Perot warned us.

His father also imparted short quotes, much like Mark Twain and others before him.  Numbers 6 on are from the typed document from Ross Perot Cotton Sales Office in Texarkana, USA.

  1. He warned us about NAFTA.  The giant sucking sound happened SILENTLY!  Look where we are today–> watch the documentary on David Rockefeller.  Globalism.  Thank you Rockefeller family.
  2.  “If you see a snake, just kill it – don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” will remain one of my best mottos in life.- Ross Perot
  3. Ross Perot to Morley Safer in 1992: “Best-kept secret in America — 1,200 private jets worth $2 billion flying government officials around. Why can’t they fly and act like we do, go to the airport, get in line, lose your luggage, eat a bad meal? Have taste of reality.”
  4. “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” The general public of Trump Supporters need to make sure they come out and vote out all the swamp creatures, and be the respected activists who clean up the filthy swamp in DC, and get rid of the GOP critters infesting it.
  5. “I knew Ross Perot since I was a child, when he let my friends and I ride our bikes across his estate to save time to school. When “tax cuts” was the billionaire mantra, he told me he was happy to pay lots in taxes “because it means I’m doing well.” His wisdom will be missed.
  6. Thanks to Jeff Gramm for posting this on Twitter.
  7. “The world wants things done, NOT excuses.  One thing well done is worth a million good excuses.”
  8. “Meet Obstacles or meet failure.”
  9. “Diamonds are chunks of coat that stuck to their job.”
  10. “A champion is a fellow who gets licked two or three times every week but still able to call himself a champion.”
  11. “The one who shows up best, is the one who shows OFF least.”  (Leave your ego at the door)
  12. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
  13. “Your services will not command a premium, if your WORD has to be discounted”. (So true, what has happened to the “My word is my bond” thinking?  or “I will do say what I will do and I will do what I say”.  “A handshake is all that is needed”.
  14. “It may be farther around the corner of a square deal but the road is better”
  15. “We must give up many of our small ambitions if we hope to achieve a really good one.”
  16. Everbody who is doing anything in the world has his troubles. (Look what President Trump is facing today!)
  17. No man’s opinion is entirely worthless.  Even a ten-cent watch tells the right time twice a day.
  18. He who puts all he has into his work usually succeeds because he has little competition. (Lot’s of lazy people in the world)

Ross Perots Fathers Advice