Honduras Caravan deporte estadio

Mr. Trump Let us in!

Yeah.  Right.  No mention of asylum, this hoax being perpetuated by the mainstream media- all of them call them “Migrants”, the politically correct name- instead of invaders.

Jim Acosta- their spokesman himself who is of Cuban Descent is no where to be found!   Where is Jim Acosta from Fake News CNN and why isn’t he interviewing people in Tijuana for CNN.  Why the news black out?

Lot’s of spanish language news though available on Youtube- with real news.  Tijuana’s Mayor has called for international assistance, yet the Mexican Federal Government itself appears to be silent.  Understandable, since in a few days on December 1st, the new President of Mexico will start his new job, and this situation falls in between the change of power.

President Trump is prepared to close the border completely if it becomes uncontrollable.  No importation of Mexican built automobiles and as being reported over a billion in revenue is at risk should this closure occur.

How would you react if a group of people arrived at your front door with no means of self support and demanded to live in your backyard?  This publicity stunt caused by Angeles sin Fronteras, and Pueblos Sin Fronteras and reportedly funded by Socialist Leftist donors like George Soros is being held at the border between Tijuana and San Ysidro (San Diego).  Over 6000 have arrived and more are still in transit.

Tijuana’s Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum has been calling for assistance as the cost is nearly $27,000. a day being spent in Tijuana on the Honduran’s who arrived and were permitted to simply travel north 2700 miles some without any ID or papers.  Some actually broke through both Border gates at Guatemala and Southern Mexico, storming into those countries without resistance.  The group as reported by Ami Horowitz consists of mostly men under 40, few Women and Children as claimed by the Mainstream Media.

Some Hondurans were interviewed 2 days ago and stated they would even form a a human stampede if needed to storm the Mexico/US Border.


“Desde el primer momento, el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, calificó la caravana de migrantes como una “invasión”, por lo que envió al área fronteriza con México miles de soldados, que, de ser necesario, están autorizados para emplear la fuerza letal.”

President Trump has called this by the correct name, an “Invasion”, not what Jim Acosta and Fake News CNN what to paint this picture as some legal movement.

CNN is a Joke