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Crooked History of Crooked Criminal Clinton’s from Arkansas until now

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Riady’s and Lippo

Riady pays $8.6 Million Fine for Clinton Campaign Financing

From US Gov’t James Tjahaja Riady will pay a record $8.6 million in criminal fines and plead guilty to a felony charge of conspiring to defraud the United States by unlawfully reimbursing campaign donors with foreign corporate funds in violation of federal election law, the Justice Department’s Campaign Financing Task Force and the United States Attorney in Los Angeles announced today.

In addition, LippoBank California, a California state-chartered bank affiliated with Lippo Group, will plead guilty to 86 misdemeanor counts charging its agents, Riady and John Huang, with making illegal foreign campaign contributions from 1988 through 1994.

Riady is one of 26 people and two corporations charged by the Campaign Financing Task Force, which was established four years ago by Attorney General Janet Reno to investigate allegations of campaign financing abuses in the 1996 election cycle.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, filed today in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Riady, a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia, will surrender himself to the jurisdiction of the court, despite the lack of an extradition treaty between the United States and Indonesia. Once he surrenders himself, Riady will then plead guilty to the felony charge contained within the information, enter a plea on behalf of LippoBank to the 86 misdemeanor charges contained within the information, pay $8,610,000 in fines levied against himself and LippoBank, and cooperate with the government’s investigation.

The $8.6 million fine represents the largest sanction imposed in a campaign finance matter in the history of the United States.


—– The a few years later, Hillary gives Riady a Visa to return to the USA! Of course.  A convicted Felon Financing the Clintons, yes obviously. —–

Crooked Hillary’s Cronies, fined but still giving donations anyway

Communist Manifesto is being given away for free on Amazon. Who is paying for that?

Maxine Waters is a career swamp dweller. Her Career donor contributions of $8.2 Million with $8 Million in expenditures are paltry compared to other politicians (Paul Ryan had $56 Million in donations his 1997-2018 career) and of course to the size of her public persona she portrays. She makes up for her lack of fund raising though with the use of her big obscene mouth.