chinese bought all n95

This is ruthless.  Disgusting.

Take a look at the video below.  Ever heard of a Diagou?  Probably not.  I mean who gives a rip about what is going on in China right?  Wrong- this exposes how some in the culture is towards screwing over other people.

This situation we are in now, is critical.

This is not buying up some non essential thing like some stupid video game, this is a device that could save your life- or that of a health care worker taking care of American Citizens.

See how and why normal average people got screwed and cannot buy N95 masks.

This problem effects consumers and is in addition to the fact that the States, Hospitals, US Government did not have enough to begin with in the stockpile.   Health Care workers need N95 masks of course, but look what happened at your local retail hardware store- as an example of this woman in Florida.

Now the Government wants YOU to use a bandana instead?  The Who failed the world.

Did Chinese Daigou’s buy all the Masks?

Serpentza on Youtube explains the situation with Australians not being able to buy baby formula, and this person in Florida who bragged about buying up all the masks from Americans to send to China.  Disgusting behavior.

chinese bought all n95

“It feels so awesome to buy all the masks!  I didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans!”-  Chinese Daigou Buyer

These type of people should not be allowed to remain in the US, but simply be deported, how could they say such a thing?  There are some fine Chinese immigrants who are sharing the American dream in your city, and all it takes is a few of these type of people in order to give a bad name to the rest.