Q: Are you being spied on by Search and Social Media? | A: Yes

The Big Tech- Big Brother Problem.

Are you aware that your computer has it’s own unique “fingerprint” on it? Google and Facebook can follow you around if you log in on various devices due to several little known technical points. Each device you have has a “MAC Address”. And each device- Your home computer, laptop, cellular smart phone has this Mac address- but more importantly each device has a unique installation. Very unlikely that you would have the same software and hardware installed as someone else. So should someone else who has a device that shares your MAC address (There are limits since duplication with billions of people)- Big Tech can follow you around. Even if you log out of your accounts. This is how the data is being gathered and tracked by Big Tech.

The Solution: a VPN

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is the best way to be anonymous.

Stay safe on public wifi! whether you are working, shopping, or banking online. Start protecting your on-line privacy today.

Stay private in public places with your credit card information using a local free wifi connection, when you travel you can enjoy the same websites you do while at home. Prevent being censored by your ISP as well.

Get a truly private encrypted email address

Yahoo or Gmail isn’t private, it’s even been disclosed that data breaches have occured and even access to your data has been made available to 3rd parties. Go to get an encrypted private email in Switzerland which is free for the minimum size inbox plan at ProtonMail.com.

Is your connection being monitored by Google?

Various news articles and admissions by them have disclosed they are able to spy on your search. Duck.com or DuckDuckGo.com the search engine prides itself on not following you around. We as consumers need to support such alternative search tools if we are to remain free to speak our mind and write and comment.



Is your connection being monitored by Facebook?

Facebook like Google is purely a tool to spy. People have become addicted to “likes” and sharing. Dr. Drew Pinksky recently commented that the addiction some people have is like that of drug addiction. Scary. Facebook if you log in on a different computer and try to create a new account, the only way you can do so is by purchasing a new computer and logging in to create an account on a different router and IP address than normal. Keep in mind your router has it’s own MAC address. Privacy breaches have become a daily issue with Facebook. They were fined by the EU for their behavior and search results skewing as well.

Is your connection being monitored by Twitter?

Twitter has banned Conservative voices with large followings that they wish to. Laura Loomer, James Woods, and many more.

Is your connection being monitored by Youtube?

We discovered a particular video that can be viewed OUTSIDE the USA without Censorship. However, just the opposite using a VPN that identifies your location within the USA, it appears to be censored. Without any confirmation, we suspect that Youtube and Google/Alphabet evidently does not want US Citizens to watch it. Perhaps not, it’s the ugly truth of Globalism. Attempt to watch this and comment below if you can see it in your country.