whoopi shocked trump elected

Declared Impeachment November 9th, 2016

While Poor Richards never ever watches or pays attention to The idiots on THE VIEW- this group of semi educated and non-interesting loudmouths including the has-been washed up actress Whoopie Cushion or Behar the blowhard, today’s news has a visit by Donald Trump Jr. on to promote his book and debate and argue with idiots.  Why does he believe that the View audience gives a rip about his book?  Well any publicity and fireworks and controversy sells.  So be it.  The only part watching is the dance that Whoopi does when confronted with the facts.

The View Today with Donald Trump Jr. November 7th, 2019

At 12:29 Kimberly Guilfoyle responds to remind Whoopi that she said “Impeachment” on November 9th, 2016

The View November 9th, 2016 the Day after President Trump was elected.

start watching at 9:29 in the video below of the view where Whoopi declares “We can kick his ass out” and “and ya know, there is such a thing called impeachment, ya know”.

Fuck off Hollywood.