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EPOCH TIMES Documentary: “1st Documentary Movie on the origin of CCP Virus, Tracking Down the origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus”

The title of this hour long documentary is: 1st Documentary Movie on the origin of CCP Virus, Tracking down the origin of the Wuhan CoronaVirus”. At 18:00 in the video discusses synthetic viruses and Dr. Shi Zhengli who we posted evidence of studying Bats and many people have found online from many sources existing since February 2020. publishing this information and Big Tech and various people CENSORED IT.   So did GreatGameIndia, State of the Nation and dozens of other alternative news websites.

Shi Zhengli published (4) research papers in total after studying the SARS coronavirus across species on the “S Protein” her teams wanted to see how this virus could be transmitted to humans.

“It also signified that Shi Zhengli had unearthed the passageway for CoronaViruses into Human Bodies….” – Youtube Channel : Crossroads with Josua Philipp

“Nature in 2013 was the first paper without the need of an intermediate host in the Wuhan Lab.  Synthetic self replicating virus with the key “S Protein”.

“This new virus demonstrated severe lung damage and splicing genes.”

“The move to research on Primates triggered widespread objection to this research…. “Cut and Paste” genes within the Virus but rather a Laboratory of biosafety level 4 qualification….

October 16, 2014 Funding Paused by NIH on CoronaVirus Gain of Function research.

  …October 16, 2014 under the Obama Adminstration, wary of the potential threats to public health of GOF (Gain of Function Research into SARS, MERS, Influenza announced through the National Institute of Health that it was suspending funding into similar research.- the funding pause included the Shi Zhengli research project” – Documentary on CCP Virus

US Govt NIH Document here on Gain of Function Research and Funding Pause LIFTED- December 19, 2017

But 3 years later—– Funding pause was lifted.

“….We have a responsibility to ensure that research with infectious agents is conducted responsibly, and that we consider the potential biosafety and biosecurity risks associated with such research. I am confident that the thoughtful review process laid out by the HHS P3CO Framework will help to facilitate the safe, secure, and responsible conduct of this type of research in a manner that maximizes the benefits to public health.”-

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, National Institutes of Health

GP41 Protein S Protein

This is NOT a conspiracy theory and the documentary ties in together Dr. Shi Zhengli, Chinese laboratory cooperative coronavirus research with the USA, Wuhan P4 Laboratory, the arrest of Harvard Professor, “Probable Bat Origin”, “Gain of Function”, the Chinese CoronaVirus, the CCP covering up by slandering Chinese Doctors who wanted to speak the truth like Dr. Li Weinliang who later died of the coronavirus (Supposedly), viruses sent from the USA to the Wuhan Laboratory- all roads lead back to China’s suspicious activity.

Yan Yi Wang- PhD Chinese CCP Mandates Silence

Translated from the author Epoch Times Documentary video below- at 33:00 in the video:

“..National Health Commission clearly mandates that all detection, empirical data, results, and conclusions related to this outbreak cannot published on self media or social media, not disclosed to any media (including state media or collaborative organizations (Including technical services companies)

WATCH the entire documentary and see for yourself.