Replace Google

Why is Facebook- Spybook?

Zuckerberg is being bombarded with ton’s of questions today, little answers are given but the real question is why all Tech Companies are not being questioned.  Why is ONLY Facebook being questioned?  Google is the biggest scraper and storage system gather data secretly.  Why is Facebook tracking you and you don’t even use it?  I noticed that it resides by default an App, preinstalled on Android devices and active and running in the background, even though it has never been activated and actually uninstalled?   It was erased, yet continues to run.  I noticed this under the latest version Android 6.0.

This is collusion between Google / Alphabet / Facebook to collectively share data.  This Shadow Profile issue is beyond deplorable.

It’s horrible to think that Facebook, Amazon, Google and all the Silicon Swamp collect browsing habits to build their AI engines, rendering humans eventually obsolete.  All the data you enter, is being aggregated offline and used to develop trends, new businesses and new virtual tools based on gathering human intelligence.

AI Tools keeps getting mentioned.  I assume, the next step is to ask Congress for funding, so taxpayers will need to pay for it.  Like everything.