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FEC Chair Summons The Big Tech Censors to Meet

Is this the real future collusion?  FEC to consult with the worlds largest censorship platforms- Big Tech???????  Google who was contracted with China to censor, and who now censors conservative voices.  This page won’t even rank- it’s a rigged game as George Carlin says.

Why not invite Apple and Microsoft too?  So they can block your Safari browser from receiving conservative viewpoints?

The FEC is useless anyway. Since 2008, Matthew Petersen a Republican who has served as a commissioner has resigned effective a week ago.

The Federal Election Commission doesn’t even have 6 people needed to vote on anything, yet the Chairman wants Google, Facebook and Twitter to consult with them.

Right.  So, is this another move to silence Drudge?- party insiders working in the Government protecting their jobs under the guise of doing something important for the Tax Payer.  Now, they want to silence DrudgeReport?  This is a website who simply aggregates news from all over the world, so what is the problem?  What about the Gateway Pundit- are they next?  Are they in the crosshairs now with the FEC?- this Democrat Ellen Weintraub from NYC seems to believe that Conservative voices need to be silenced.

As quoted from someone at the FEC “Under the First Amendment, we don’t ban false statements in advertising and social media, but there’s a difference between the right to speak and the right to be disseminated” online”

Therefore, leave it to the censors like the crooked SPLC to shape the internet into their mold.

FEC Meeting September 17, 2019

So the Silicon Swamp is sponsoring the event- which is Stanford University and PEN America (pen. org/current-board-of-trustees/- who are these people attending?  Representing both sides of the Political spectrum?  Facebook and Twitter are sending representatives to speak about how they intend to work the election. Well, Twitter has done a great job so far censoring and eliminating enough conservatives.

What does Poor Richard say?   Ellen Weinstraub you need to remain to be unbiased.  Same with Big Tech.

Ellen Weintraub Plagarize

Who is this Ellen Weintraub from the FEC anyway?

She is quite proud of being a permanent DC employee.  But another swamp critter of course.  Yale, Harvard alumni, Lawyer all a part of the oversized Swamp.

So will that meeting with Big Tech be videotaped?,  how does the public find out what is going on?  Will JudicialWatch.org need to do a FOIA to get the documents?  Will this meeting get recorded for public transparency?  If you look at the calendar at their website :  fec. gov/meetings, no “open” date for the hearing is given on the Calendar.  So is this some secret meeting?  

A Swamp Critter who goes on National Liberal Television MSNBC?  Why not on Fox News also?   Except do you want to silence the Conservative voices in this Country?

What about all the DC based foreign lobbyists?

What role did Foreign proponents and troublemakers CAIR have in the election of Tlaib and Omar?

What about Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador sending their “finest” fake refugees illegally into the US?  Who financed their journey?  Not the American Tax Payer.

foreign election influence

Foreign Nationals can participate as “Volunteers” in Campaigns.  That is legal according to Weintraub.  Poor Richard want’s to know though- Do they need a green card?  Or if they are illegal, and if they live in a Sanctuary city, will they be allowed to Volunteer? The US Government has some real losers who work in it and it is like in this example a complete joke.   Like why should Foreign National be even allowed NEAR any campaign?  

How about the Hillary Clinton and DNC involvement with the  “SteeleDossier.com“?  Foreign Nationals all over that one, except you won’t hear MSNBC even discussing that one- the biased mainstream media Swamp supporters they are.

So watching the video below, at the end one commentator goes on to warn President Trump about his “Super PAC”.  Right.

Why hasn’t the Senate voted to put in Trey Trainor?

All the way back in 2017, President Trump nominated Trey Trainor to hold a commissioner slot, but the Senate has not yet voted.  Typical Government slow walking.  What has the FEC done about @AOC’s potential election fund scandal?

Democrats refuse to impose National Voter ID Cards

And why not?  No voter fraud (or very little if National ID’s) are required to vote.

Democrats want Illegal Aliens to Vote (For them)

Yes, we know- so no voter ID Cards.