Political Donations tax dollars wasted

Elites charged with bribing Colleges.

Is this really a surprise?

This is a developing story that the coming months will expose how the Elites simply pay others to take their tests and or modify the tests for their incompetent, unqualified children.  Or Photoshop their children’s faces over competent athletes faces on real photos.

Hollywood Scum– continue to be exposed.

Felicity Huffman Bail $250,000.

Lori Loughlin’s husband $1 Million.

Those are chump change amounts for these wealthy people.  10% is what it costs unless they put up the entire amount.  Richard says throw the book at them.  Make examples of these scum bags- who with their “Elite” sense of entitlement and privilege can be purchased, meanwhile students who are more qualified are automatically excluded not only by a financial threshold, but by being pushed aside by some slimy, scummy Hollywood “special” person’s kid.

foxnews. com/us/who-is-william-rick-singer-college-admissions-cheating-scandals-alleged-ringleader

foxnews. com/entertainment/felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin-charged-in-college-admissions-bribery-scam-report

William Rick Singer was reported to be the leader of the operation- the key worldwide foundation.

As reported by Federal Prosecutors, Universities were: The well known such as Ivy league Yale, Georgetown and in California USC, UCLA and Stanford and others.

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elites bribe colleges - coddled generation

List of Indictments available from US News:

KWF AKA “The Key” founded by William Rick Singer in Newport Beach, CA in or about 2007.

Racketeering Conspiracy including to facilitate cheating on college entrance exams; to facilitate admissions of students to elite universities as recruited regardless of their athletic abilities and to enrich defendents and Singer personally.

Gordon Ernst, Head Coach Tennis at Georgetown University,  Donna Heinel, Senior Athletic Director University of Southern California, Ali Khosrosshahin, Head Coach Womens Soccer University of Southern California, Laura Janke assistant coach to Khosrosshahin, Jovan Vavic, Water Polo Coach Unversity of Southern California, Jorge Salcedo Head Coach Men’s Soccer University of Southern California, William Ferguson, Womens Volleyball Coach, Wake Forest University, Lisa “Niki” Williams, College Board and ACT, Inc., Martin Fox, Private Tennis Academy, Igor Dvorskiy, SAT adminstrator for the College board and ACT, Inc., Steve Masera, Edge College and Career Network, LLC and Key Worldwide Foundation, Mikaela Sanford, Edge College and Career Network, LLC and Key Worldwide Foundation, Newport Beach, CA.

“The defendent during a telecon with investigators represented that he had successfully engaged in the same scheme with nearly 800 other families.”  …”Every year there are — is a group of families, especially where I am right now in the Bay Area, Palo Alto, I just flew in. That they want guarantees, they want things done”….

According to the complaint which was published by US news and the following list from CNBC website the following people are being charged:

Company Directors and CEO’s include: William McGlashan Jr., a senior executive at TPG Capital; Agustin Huneeus, head of the Huneeus vineyard in Napa Valley; and Gordon Caplan, co-chairman of international law firm Willkie Farr. Manuel Henriquez, chairman and CEO of Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Robert Flaxman, founder and CEO of real estate development firm Crown Realty & Development, Robert Zangrillo, CEO of Dragon Global, an investment company.

Actresses Felicity Huffman, who starred in ABC’s “Desperate Houswives,” and Lori Loughlin, who appeared in ABC’s “Full House,” were charged, along with Loughlin’s husband Mossimo Giannulli, founder of the American fashion company Mossimo. William Singer, CEO of the Key Worldwide Foundation, was identified by authorities as the ringleader of the scheme.

The following defendants were charged in a criminal complaint with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud:

Gregory Abbott, 68, of New York, and his wife, Marcia Abbott 59. He is founder and chairman of International Dispensing Corp., a food and beverage packaging company.

Gamal “Aziz” Abdelaziz, 62, of Las Vegas, former president and executive director of Wynn Macau resort.

Diane Blake, 55, of San Francisco, an executive at retail merchandising firm.

Todd Blake, 53, of San Francisco, an entrepreneur and investor.

Jane Buckingham, 50, of Beverly Hills, Calif., CEO of a boutique marketing company Trendera, which has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Gordon Caplan, 52, of Greenwich, Conn., co-chairman of Willkie Farr, which says it has 700 lawyers in 10 offices in six countries.

I-Hin “Joey” Chen, 64, of Newport Beach, Calif., operates a provider of warehousing and related services for the shipping industry.

Amy Colburn, 59, of Palo Alto, Calif.

Gregory Colburn, 61, of Palo Alto, Calif.

Robert Flaxman, 62, of Laguna Beach, Calif., founder and CEO of real estate development firm Crown Realty & Development.

Mossimo Giannulli, 55, of Los Angeles, fashion designer.

Elizabeth Henriquez, 56, of Atherton, Calif.

Manuel Henriquez, 55, of Atherton, Calif., founder, chairman and CEO of Hercules Technology Growth Capital.

Douglas Hodge, 61, of Laguna Beach, Calif., former CEO of Pimco investment management company.

Felicity Huffman, 56, of Los Angeles, actress.

Agustin Huneeus Jr., 53, of San Francisco, owner of a family wine vineyard in Napa Valley.

Bruce Isackson, 61, of Hillsborough, Calif., president of a real estate development firm.

Davina Isackson, 55, of Hillsborough, Calif.

Michelle Janavs, 48, of Newport Coast, Calif., former executive of a large food manufacturer.

Elisabeth Kimmel, 54, of Las Vegas, owner and president of a media company.

Marjorie Klapper, 50, of Menlo Park, Calif., co-owner of jewelry business.

Lori Loughlin, 54, of Los Angeles, actress.

Toby MacFarlane, 56, of Del Mar, Calif., former senior executive at a title insurance company.

William McGlashan Jr., 55, of Mill Valley, Calif., senior executive at TPG private equity firm.

Marci Palatella, 63, of Healdsburg, Calif., CEO of a liquor distribution company.

Peter Jan Sartorio, 53, of Menlo Park, Calif., packaged food entrepreneur.

Stephen Semprevivo, 53, of Los Angeles, executive at privately held provider of outsourced sales teams.

Devin Sloane, 53, of Los Angeles, founder and CEO of provider of drinking and wastewater systems.

John Wilson, 59, of Hyannis Port, Mass., founder and CEO of private equity and real estate development firm.

Homayoun Zadeh, 57, of Calabasas, Calif., an associate professor of dentistry.

Robert Zangrillo, 52, of Miami, founder and CEO of Dragon Global.

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