dr bruce aylward coronavirus

Breaking News- Dr. Aylward Traveled to China and his findings are here:

He stated his team of WHO, NIH, CDC have returned from China and answered numerous questions from various members of the press- a formal report will be published shortly of the team and their joint statement about the Covid-19 and Coronavirus outbreak.

Takeaways from the live news conference with Dr. Bruce Aylward in his own word:

  1. This coronavirus disease should be taken seriously.
  2. Symptoms from those who carry it are not sneezing like flu and colds.   Symptoms when present are dry cough and fever, “This is not an upper respiratory disease”.
  3. Dr. Aylward explains that Covid-19 is being managed well within China and they are equipped to treat it, what he did say is the rest of the world probably is not and should be proactive TODAY.
  4.  Looking at the data available he seems to deny that asymptomatic transmission is prevalent.
  5. Unlike Flu and Common colds where children are often carriers, the data does not show that Coronavirus is being propagated to the general population through children to their parents.
  6. He was questioned why he was not wearing a mask, he stated he was not near any “hot” areas nor in any contact with infected people.
  7. Exponential growth he did acknowledge is occurring
  8.  The Chinese have a rapid response task force to address this.  People are being organized and involved and cooperating.
  9. The disease is spreading around the world.
  10. Oral vaccines is being worked on, but no results so far
  11. The team will be publishing a formal report with consensus of 25 people separate and independent from WHO and others.
  12. This remains a developing situation and dynamic disease and semi-defined, with daily changes possible.
  13. Immediate responses to finding people infected is crucial and China is attempting to get people under health care within 3 days.
  14. “Are we ready” answer is NO.  The virus is coming.  Countries worldwide must be prepared.