fdny emt heart attack

April 2, 2020- New York City sentences Heart attack victims to death?

Don’t have a heart attack now.  Meanwhile the Hospitals are overworked treating NYC residents (and illegal aliens) for coronavirus.  The state has been overwhelmed and health care workers are being put at risk, and now the population.

Lovely isn’t it when you need to triage people based on being swamped by too many people in the Emergency room.

New York is an absolute mess with 50% of all coronavirus cases in the USA, and it is getting worse. Maybe it is a wake up call for NYC about their failed leaders.  No conservative values here.  NYC is so diverse and it opens it doors and welcomes all people, illegal or legal.  Now taxpayers get the shaft once again.

According to Fox News breaking story on Shannon Bream- The New York Fire Department has instructed EMT’s not to bring Heart Attack victims who cannot be revived into the ER.  So, because of the Chinese plague- that ambulance that was supposed to save your life in the hands of an EMT who cannot, well if they are unable to revive you are ordered to let you die.

Maybe they will give your widow an “I Love New York” T-shirt.

March 8, 2020-  FDNY orders firefighters not to respond to some calls

Nice time to be in the big apple.

“The Fire Department of the City of New York has ordered firefighters to stop responding to calls involving potential symptoms.

The order issued on Friday directs firefighters to stop supporting EMS paramedics and EMTs on 911 calls involving coughing, fever, difficulty breathing or possible asthma attacks, the New York Daily News reported. “

US Navy Hospital Ship docked in NYC has only 20 Patients

Another cry-wolf move by New York City?  Trump orders a hospital ship to be rushed from drydock and moved into New York only to be just sitting there with only 20 patients.

Local government waste at it’s finest.  New York is the most incompetent F’ed up mess with poor leadership and the idiots running it.