Chinese Plague Train

Is The Chinese Plague Train Leaving the Station?

ZeroHedge Reports Thousands Of Asymptomatic People Are Leaving Wuhan, Are They Possibly Mutated Virus Carriers?

This is unreal.  Millions of innocent people worldwide are suffering from the Chinese Virus Lab Plague and the Chinese Government is unleashing asymptomatic people all over China.   Who knows where they will fly off to and spread it on the world with a second wave?

Conceivably this could be a tidal wave of new infections being sent into the rest of China and then unto the world.

“This means that whether asymptomatic or not, imported or domestic, Hubei-based or not, on April 5, China reported the most new Coronavirus cases in a month as slowly the disease appears to be reestablishing itself in the world’s most populous nation.

This is a problem because it suggests that despite the now chronic data obfuscation, China may be about to unleash to a second wave of coronavirus infections – both domestically and internationally – something JPMorgan predicted is virtually inevitable.-

Which in turn leads to one final question: if the second wave of infections that China is about to unleash on the world results in millions of deaths, at what point will China’s action be viewed as an act of war?” April 7, 2020