Live Birth Abortion Kathy Tran

Horrible. Unbelievable.  Out of Context?

Minnesota Next for 9 month Abortions?

And is Minnesota Next to promote 9 month abortions?

This Abortion at 9 month news today combined with the recent applause after a bill passed in Albany, New York decision to allow 9 month abortions is beyond disgusting.  Sickening.  Watch the video in disbelief.  This is the New Democratic Party.  Radical ideas.  Yet, they will go jail people to save puppies and kittens.  Most countries only allow abortions up to the first 2 months.  Many people won’t agree with that, fair enough.  But at 9 months??????????   North Korea allows this btw.

Legalizing Infanticide?  Please, why not advocate and give away Birth Control Pills like Halloween Candy?  Condoms.  IUD’s.  Injections.  Implants.

An OB/GYN who delivered 2,500 children speaks that this live birth abortion thing is a scam.

obgyn speaks on abortion

No way should this be allowed, and the Democrats think a “Wall” is immoral?  Like what planet are we on?

“Virginia Rep. Kathy Tran has introduced a bill — HB 2491 — that would allow for abortion up until birth in cases in which the health or life of the mother is at risk. The Repeal Act would remove all existing abortion restrictions in the state of Virginia, and as Tran has admitted, that includes allowing abortion even when a woman is in active labor about to deliver her child.”


Here in Albany New York a report.

Of course, Candace Owens has a succinct, smart opinion as usual on this outrageous new ideology of killing babies at birth by the Democratic controlled states.

Candace Owens comments on the Democrat abortion agenda

And James Woods of course has added his opinion.

james woods on virginia abortion is mass murder