defeat-the mandates dc jan 23 2022

Defeat The Mandates DC

Sunday, January 23, 2022 @ 11:30am EST
Starting at the Washington Monument

This is a worldwide defeat the mandates rally- Australia, Europe and UK coordinated with the USA.  This only about being against mandates, personal liberty, no vaccine passports, a right to choice, no to censorship, no to reasonable debates, informed consent and bringing together all American’s.  This is NOT an Anti-Vaccination Rally, it is a gathering of all, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Non Voters- anyone who stands for freedom of choice with what they want to do with their own body.  This Freedom Rally is against the medical mandates being forced on Corporations indirectly through OSHA and the US Government on anyone who does not agree.


“The mandates are un-American.
Stop the mass firings.

Stop segregating by vaccination status.

Stop calling Americans “unpatriotic” for making a personal medical choice.

We want to be…free.
Free to work.
Free to travel.
Free to learn.
Free to question.
Free to speak.
Free to pray.”

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Update January 4, 2022

Note, if you are concerned about being spied on by Big Tech and the Government by attending the large rally on January 23, 2022 and being labeled as a “dissident” in some crazy partisan database by the radicals in the Deep State- Use a small camera like the Canon M50 or Sony Vlog camera, or even if you have a GoPro camera and don’t turn on your cell phone, in fact refrain from even bringing your cell phone for photos, just turn off your cell phone and do not use it- keep it completely off. (Airplane mode won’t protect you from being tracked). 

As what was announced in the media as being pervasive surveillance with the January 6, 2020 Trump Rally, the 3 letter agencies gathered all the cell phone data from everybody through the all the nationwide cellular providers.  This location tracking information was collected by the 1000’s cell phones in the DC area and was willingly given to the 3 letter agencies.  This data gave geo location information tied to all the cell phones at the time of the Stop The Steal Rally.  During the investigation, it was revealed besides the video footage that remains to be obscured or hidden from the public, that the “people in charge” went after people even if they were just simply staying in the DC area, even people who did not enter the Capitol building as reported by  It might be prudent if you plan to attend this huge rally to “Defeat The Mandates”, to use a regular camera for video and photos (Turn off EXIF data on it. ) instead your smart phone, iPhone or Android phone.  But if you insist on using your cell phone do it before traveling to the event and pre-arrange with your friends to meet at a location at a certain time.  If you do communicate with your cell phone on, even if it is in “Airplane” mode, the location information is even logged due to the design of our cell phones if they are Android or Apple iOS based.  Bring a regular camera if you have it.  If not, and you want to take video and photos- remove the sim chip (but keep in mind the IMEI number can still be exposed with surround Wifi).  Do not use “Free Wifi” at all.   Just some free tips on how to protect your privacy as we suspect that the 3 letter agencies will be tracking everybody at these rallies.  We have no first hand knowledge of any tracking activity that will occur, it’s just thinking ahead and publishing this as a FWIW precaution.

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