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The Deep State Socialism Threat from Within.

Fuck off Bernie Sanders and @AOC and all you losers who never worked for a living, never created a job nor understand anything about free enterprise.  Like President Trump says “The USA will NEVER be a socialist country”.

G. Edward Griffin, in 1983 this documentary shows how the deep state has been going on for years. posted this nice video on their website and we credit them and want to spread the word.

“I am not convinced that the red flag will fly over the United States”… “Conquest from within”.

“Marxist-Leninists have always understood that socialism cannot be implanted by one country into anothe by Military Force, that is the product of internal development of a given society.”

Moles in High Places – Subversion Tactics

“In this 1983 video, G Edward Griffin defines how moles have been placed by Communists inside the US government with the intention of converting our nation into a Communist nation. People are named, facts supplied. The ugly truth is that this is still going on and has grown.”

Thanks go to Deception By Ommission for posting this informative video.

deceptionbyomission. com/conspiracy-facts/the-development-of-the-deep-state-part-1/