George Soros funded violence?

Just imagine, the mob mentality.  Warped thinking, Peace?

Threatening violence against a spokesperson for the NRA is no different than the death threats that Nikolas Cruz made before he carried out his deadly shooting.

These horrible people should be mentally institutionalized as they cannot control their anger and contempt for the law and the system.   Emotionally unbalanced lunatics?  or were they planted in the audience specifically by George Soro’s and his crew?  Fake News CNN won’t report that.  The Townhall meeting in Sunrise, Florida that CNN held live was emotionally driven and filled, much of the logic was not shown and at this moment- logic must rule.

Today Dana sadly reported that she was threatened and had a security detail in order to leave the townhall meeting, watch the 1 minute video.

She states “The government has proven that they cannot keep you safe.  And yet, some people want all of us to disarm. You heard that town hall last night. They cheered the confiscation of firearms.”

What an unbelievable way to end the peaceful yet emotional gathering,  people came peacefully and with the mob mentality of the 1800’s- had Dana not been surrounded by armed guards she could have been lynched by the same idiots that want to take away gun’s from law abiding citizens.   The irony, peaceful ?  Attacking the messenger.

The story that CNN gave a prepared speech instead of allowing student Colton Haab to use his own words, shows how much CNN Fake News is propagandizing and inflaming this situation with divisive manipulation, brain washing and fueling the fire of discontent.   Here is a smart young man’s take on the mind control aspect of this. That isn’t reporting the news, that is continuing to create a biased monologue droning on their own political agenda.  As a child, this is exactly what I was taught in the 1960’s the type of propaganda that occurred in the former USSR.  So is socialism going to take over the USA?  George Soro’s and Open Societies would like to see that, and he probably funded some of the problems that occurred at the townhall meeting, that was simply a onesided bashing to blame the NRA, blame President Trump, Blame Conservatives.   I didn’t see any dialog where gun owner’s rights were defended other than by Dana Loesch.

Elimination of due process is the very gold standard of the socialist state,” was also stated also today by NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.  Tucker Carlson talks about the ineffectiveness of an assault weapons ban that the USA had in the past from 1994 – 2004.   If you read factcheck, both sides of the debate are embellishing it for their agenda.  According to CNN in 2011 here is a chart of the homicides listed by state and percentage. Notice Florida is not included in the statistics for some reason! Vastly more homicides occur by handgun’s NOT by 2% attributed to “Assault weapons”, in fact over 60%.

The AR-15, while it looks like an M-16, isn’t fully automatic and would not be effective in a war because of the non-automatic use.  It seems some people seem to confuse the (2) weapons- here is a video explaining that the AR-15 isn’t an assault rifle.  Now perhaps it might be easily confused since it looks like an M-16, but if you were faced with fighting ISIS in battle as our US Military has, you would use an assault rifle, not use an AR-15.

If you choose a weapon for home defense use, it really should not be an AR-15 but rather a 12 gauge pump shotgun. No real super precise aim is required, unlike with a handgun.